I am so mad right now!

  1. I won a Croissant MM on eBay which arrived today... I was really looking forward to it, but now I'm sitting here w/ a bag I'm disappointed of and probably won't use......... It was described as "excellent condition".... the Vachetta is way darker than it looked on the pix (probably because of the flash - I could live w/ that, I think...) but also the lining looks quite used. It has some rubbing, esp. near the zipper and all in all it's pretty "wobbly" (not sure if that's the right english word for that, lol :shame:smile: and looks and feels really worn out (not dirty or smelly though).
    I just emailed the seller that I don't agree w/ the "excellent condition", will see what she answers... but I highly doubt she'll take it back.
    What would you do in this case? I wanted this bag for quite some time now (I already have the PM size) and I do love the look of it. It's just the inside that bothers me... Keep it to see if it grows on me? Or re-sell it? :hysteric:
  2. sorry for that...I will try to return it if that's possible, otherwise you probably lose some money when you resell it.
  3. I'll definitely send it back if the seller offers this (but she probably won't). But if not...? :hysteric:
  4. If you paid via paypal you could probably file a complaint and claim some money back. So sorry to hear of your disappointment.
  5. Yep, you probably do this now before the seller withdraw the money from PayPal.
  6. I didn't :sad:
    Paid via bank transfer...
  7. Wait what she is saying-put the bag aside (I know, it is hard to not constantly looking at it and be disappointed) and check again when she is answering. If you still feel the same about it and she would take it back then send it back. Otherwise I would just sell if you feel the same after some days-even if you loose money.
  8. I'm sorry you are disappointed, I can relate to that type of frustration, been there before. I would first try to get your money back from your seller as you already have, with a polite but direct no nonsense email. Give her 3 days to respond, then email again and tell her if you don't hear from her in 2 more days you will be filing for a snad, significantly not as described I think it stands for. I have never done this but it is supposed to be pretty effective in it's process. I would find out how to go about this if your seller does not respond w/in the 5 day span. I hope you paid via paypal bec. then it's a piece of cake, otherwise I'm not as sure.
  9. Most German eBayers don't accept PayPal cause of the high fees... I paid via bank transfer... I could send a disagreement to eBay, but I did that once and they didn't do anything about it...
  10. I hope she take it back, if not, i would resell it. I think it's better to loose some money then have a bag which you really don't like and won't use. In this way you loose all the money.
  11. If the vachetta really bothers you-have you thought about having the handle changed?
  12. Sorry to hear that! Try polite but firm emails in the first place, if there is no satisfactory result, file a complaint with eBay (item not as described). If you are very disappointed and don't like the bag at all because of this, maybe you should send it back, if possible. Or ask for a partial refund - if you get some of your money back, maybe the cost will match the condition of the bag and you can live with it?

    Hope things will work out for you!
  13. Oh, I love the croissant MM. That really hurts. I know this doesn't help, but this is why I am very leary of ebay. very.

    I'm wondering if ghost ever got her switch and bait refunded... your used up croissant reminds me to try to save for new bags, but sometimes we are just forced into ebay, and sometimes it's good. I'm so sorry... I hope you can return or resell, it's obviously not a good experience...
  14. It's not the Vachetta that bothers me most... It is darker than expected, but at least it's a nice stage of patina. The lining is what annoys me... it's so thin compared to my Pochette Croissant because of all this rubbing. :cry:
  15. :yes: My first thought was 'I'll never get anything off eBay again...'... Probably not that strict, but I'll definitely stick to the one seller I bought from before and had a really good experience with...