I am so mad!! Please advise what I should do...

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  1. I recently ordered a pink chanel cambon make up case from Saks Oklahoma, and they took all my information including shipping address and credit card number. Then they called me 30 min later and told me that it is damaged and they can't sell to me, but will put a locator for me. They said they will get back to me but never did. I talked to 4 different SA in 4 days and non of them can give me an answer. They all say will call me back but never did :rant: When I ask them for a list of store who may have the same item they wouldn't give it to me, and will not help me call the store and ask if they have it :crybaby: I was so mad and I asked for the manager, then finally the first SA I talked to answer the phone and she said there is nothing she can do if they dont' have it:yucky: I asked what are they going to do about this and she was like there is nothing she can do, I asked if you will discount me on another item she said no she will not do that. I am soooooo upset as they promised they have one for sale I stopped looking for it, and now the chance for me finding one is even more slim :censor: Please advise on what you ladies will do in my situation. Sorry for all the whinning .....
  2. OMG. That is the worst. I know you probably don't want to but did you check ebay?

    How much was Saks selling it for?
  3. I am so sorry about that!! If I see that near me, I'll be sure to PM you with details.
  4. Thx alot!! They were selling it for 208, that's why I was sooo happy when I found one, just when I get the hope they said they don't have it, and they are not going to do anything to compensate for it :crybaby:
  5. I'm sure the locator was honored but it is quite possible they were unable to find it in another store. And while you should have received a call either way, these s/a's work on commission. When they find something available in the system, many times the s/a's in those stores will not give up the merchandise because they will lose the commission. They'd rather hold onto the item and sell it to one of their own customers, even if it sits in the case for days on end.

    When I was looking for a black/white Reporter at NM last Sunday, a very nice s/a in Scottsdale checked the system and found two bags. She admitted there was absolutely no way she could call those two stores and ask the s/a's to release the bag to her. So she went above and beyond and gave me the store numbers since as a customer, I had a much better chance of getting the bag. (Unfortunately they were both pre-sold.)

    I'm betting your s/a at Saks wanted the commission for herself so she was determined to try to get a store to release the bag to her, instead of being nice and giving you the locations to call yourself.

    Sorry they were such :censor: .
  6. I had the same problem with the NM and the pink make up case. My SA did find some for me on Monday but we have the same problem of not knowing if I can gwet it because it comes from another store. I am hoping it will be sent to me because they took all m information and supposedly had one for me that would be rung up yesterday when the sale really began. But they would not guarantee it because it was coming from another store and they were not supposed to pre-sell through another store. The NM is SHort Hills has nothing right now!!
  7. Roey I totally agree with you, I am sure she doesn't want to loose the commission...... It is just really sad that neither of them call me and get back to me on the status, they left me hanging there and not update me on anything at all....... They are so irresponsible given that I gave them all my information, they should have at least do their best for me. One of the SA refused to call the store where she located the same item for me, she said she sent in the locator request and any store which has it will pick it up. And she won't attempt to make a phone call until after 2 days, but I am sure after 2 days there will absolutely be nothing left :crybaby:
  8. I know December is a long way away, but take heart in knowing that Chanel will do another sale that month, and maybe they will put more cambon items on sale.
  9. Yes.... it is just making me not secure about pre-sale anymore, as they may just take all my info and then later say they dont' have it and can do nothing about it :crybaby:
  10. I'm sorry to hear you are having such trouble finding the make-up case! I'll be on a look out for one and if I see it, I'll let you know ASAP!
  11. Try the NM in florida (I don;t know if there is more than one). That is where my SA supposedly found mine this week. She did say there were a number of them in the system but she could not tell which ones were presold.
  12. Thank you so much :yes:
  13. Sorry just an update, the SA Kathy at Tulsa told me she was not going to sell the purse to anyone because it was defected, in fact another PRer was so nice and out of courtesy she told me she bought the SAME purse from that store and there was nothing wrong with it. Kathy said they have decided not to sell it to ANYONE at all, and that was a lie!! They messed and didn't put on hold for me, and sold it to another regular customer instead. :rant: