I am so mad at myself! I just damaged my new glam tote


May 5, 2008
ARRGH. It has not been my day at all today. And now to top it off,
I just accidentally scraped my new gold glam tote against my desk and three little gold flakes came off exposing the dark brown underneath. It's not that noticeable but GRRR. Can't I ever keep anything nice?? I am such a klutz. It is my first day carrying it!:rant::rant::rant:


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Jan 3, 2010
I was going to post that I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your bag (and I am, I know how infuriating that can be because it would tick me right off!), but I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. :cry: Here I am grumbling about the little things in my life that irritate me. That gave me some perspective real quick.

Stay strong. I wish you and your family comfort at this difficult time.
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Jun 12, 2009
Just keep in mind that gold leaf will have to be sealed or it will peel... I would try Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics...

Your family will be in my prayers. :hugs:

Erm...where do i get gold leaf or a good gold fabric pen?! Thank you for all your good wishes. I am having a rough time as my father has end stage liver cirrhosis and is dying in the hospital.