I am so mad at my dog today

  1. Just have to vent about my dog. We had a bit of snow storm yesterday in the Chicago area and this morning my mini dachshund refused to go out side and step on the snow.
    So she has not relieved herself literally since last night. I tried to call her from outside for like 10 min but she just stared at me from the door.
    She better warns me if she really needs to go.:smash:
  2. My chi would do that when it rained out so I had to pick her up and carry her outside. She learned it was easier to just go then to get soaked. Dogs are so funny about getting their paws wet.
  3. Some dogs just refuse to adapt in situations like this. Do you have a shoveled place for her to go? Because a mini-d. can't get thru much snow. Poor thing--she's probably frightened. It's frustrating, tho.
  4. they do sell little booties for dogs who don't like to walk on the snow. you should get her/him a pair. also, if your doggie does end up going outside, make sure you check that his/her paws don't get dry. you can apply lotion to them if they do.
    my doggie always has access to our yard but prefers the indoors too so her paw pads get sensitive to extreme weather too.:yes:
  5. I have the same problem with my girls when its windy and rainy...I put a pee pad on the outside porch (its covered) and they will go there if its rainy...I cant say I blame them!! lol
  6. I have a mini Dachshund, too. And he's just the same. If it's raining he'll try to sit on my feet, so he won't get wet. But he loves snow. Sometimes only his head is peeking out.
  7. Oh we shoveled her a big spot....she just refused to go. I even picked her up and put here there and she just ran back inside.
    I got here boots last time and she chewed them off and those are pricey boots. It will take my husband a while to let me buying her another pair (or 2 pairs) of shoes :smile:
  8. I'm telling ya, doxies will do what they want, when they want. Hopefully she won't get a bladder infection.
  9. My dog LOVES the snow she is an american Eskimo. She face dives into it and tries to bite it and catch snow balls if you throw them up in the air.
  10. my chi's will not go if its raining out. so now I have a section in the garage fenced off with wee wee pads. if its raining i put them in the garage and they go within a minute or so. think about, would you want to go potty out in the rain or snow? I know when camping I will hold it before I go in the woods:yes:
  11. perhaps you should sit her down and explain to her how hard mommy and daddy work to buy her the things she needs....
    J/K :roflmfao:
  12. Hahaha...oh she got a lecture all right after she chewed them off.
    I think she never gets used to the boots thats why she chewed them on purpose.
  13. Awww, my doggie doesn't potty if it's raining outside either. Us mommies have to put up with a lot of stress from our furry babies ;)
  14. I have a mini dachshund too. A lot of people said doxie hates raining and snowing and wouldn't go outside. He hates raining but he loves snow. It was snowing last night and today I had to walk him for 40 mins and he still refuse to go home. He runs and jumps around on the snow. Is my doxie wierd? :confused1: since most doxie hates snowing.

    But he hates raining. Whenever it rains, he will hide under my bed and refuse to go out. Normally I would carry him outside and walk for a block then I put him down. He will do his business right away and run straight back home. maybe you should carry her a bit far from your house and force her to walk back herself and she might do her business on the way?
  15. I have one too, they are stubborn little things! But :heart: :heart: them so much!!!

    My niece has one as well, and their vacation house is in the snow....Their little Milo has a box in the garage with wood chips in it, the kind you buy at the garden store for putting in planting beds. It is a low plastic box, good sized, like a sweater box you slide under the bed. When it is too cold for him, he just uses that. LIke a litter box, but the pee soaks in. They scoop the poo, but the pee seems to just absorb and then evaporate.

    The dog is just a speck, after all.....

    Maybe something like that on the porch would work.

    Milo knows the words pee-pee and poo, after being praised for doing it, so it was fairly to get him to use it.