I am so mad at Jcrew Cs, has anyone else had bad experiences? rop

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  1. i have encountered a slew of bad CS's over the last couple weeks. When I started ordering from Jcrew about a month ago, I was completely blown away by the level of service and the quality of the products. The addiction came fast and furious after I received my first order, and over the last month I've ordered over 1K worth of goods.

    Either it's my bad luck or something happened at jcrew, over the last week I have been sent defective/worn items, items in the wrong size, and yesterday I found out that there were a couple 'mysterious' charges on my CC which I spent HOURS, i mean HOURS, dealing with cs regarding theseunexplained charged from them on my credit card, at the end I somewhat got an answer, and was told to deal with my CC company.
    To add salt to the wound, I had yet another issue with them yesterday in the late afternoon. I recently ordered an item that they needed to do a search on. I called back to follow up on it a couple days after i placed the order, was told that the initial order didn't get processed properly becuase the CS-A who placed the order didn't treat it as an order sent to canada, apparently the procedures are different. so the CS-B told me that she would cancel the original order and place a new one. I repeatedly ask to make sure I dont' end up getting two sweaters. I even followed up with a separtely phone call, and CS-C assured me that everything was fine and that i would only be charged and sent 1 sweater. So shortly after that, I got two confirmation emails that the item was found. I then made another phone call explaining to CS-D the situation and she, again, assured me that only 1 will be charged. So as we were going through some unidentified charge on my CC, the person told me that i was already charged for the 'request' item and that it will be on its way shortly. Anyhow, so yesterday afternoon I got an email from Jcrew, saying that they found my sweater in a store in LA and made attempts to charge it onto my CC, but for some reason charge couldn't go through and asked me to contact the store directly with another form of payment as the item will be on hold for me for 24 hours! So i then called Jcrew CS yet again, explaining my frustration that after my repeated phone call, what i suspected was going to happen still happened. if it wasn't for my CC not going through for whatever reason, I would've been sent two sweaters! i know it may not be that big of a deal, but being in canada and with the crazy duties and stuff, even if i sent the sweater back, it's alot of trouble getting the duty back. and becuase i was having so much problems with jcrew, it was the last thing i needed especially i took precuations to try to prevent it.
    anyways the CS i was talking to yesterday was a complete effing *****, totally unsympathetic towards my situation and didn't even care to understand it fully. I was extremely upset and contacted jcrew and asked to speak to a manager, she said she would 'investigate' and get back to me, we wil see about that. I am just beyond frustrated, i hope no one will ever need to go through what happened to me. But i am completely absolutely done with jcrew. Last thing I need is more aggrevation and stress in my life.
  2. Hmmm... I rarely mail order, but I did have one experience in the store once that left me pretty pissed off. A pair of wool dress pants, originally something like $139, had been marked down to $99. I bought two pair. I go back the next week to pick them up (they hemmed them there) and the remaining pants still on the rack were $65! I brought it up to the SA, because I thought that ridiculous and that I should get them for $65 too... and got a pretty snotty answer in return, basically, go f yourself. I was really surprised and angry - it's not like it's frigging Wal-mart - it's not cheap. You'd think the CS would be better!
  3. oh that is awful, I am so sorry! i shop at J.Crew a lot and I've never been mistreated. I don't mean to rub it in, but I've encountered some very nice SAs who have given me discounts on shipping and what not when i call in to place orders.
  4. That's tough especially with the US/Canada issues.
  5. wow. it sounds like more than one person was dealing with your situation and wires got crossed. that's very annoying especially since you're in canada.

    fyi: be careful with certain orders. (for e.g., the LA store finding your sweater.) sometimes they take their clothes off the mannequin and ship them out. the problem is they put a lot of pins in the clothes when dressing the mannequins causing tiny holes in the clothing. all stores do it but once they tried to sell me a sweater with tiny holes in it. since you're in canada that could get pricey when you have to send something back
  6. I just checked a J Crew receipt and the policy allows for price adjustments within 7 days on full priced items. Other stores are more generous with price adjustments, like Banana Republic allows 14 days for all purchases. But that doesn't excuse a snotty answer, I've found that some stores have nicer SAs than others. Especially, the busy stores like in NY are never much help and they don't open fitting rooms for you. In Seattle and Philly though, sooo much nicer and will open fitting rooms for you as you still browse.
  7. Yikes, Im sorry that sucks, my only complaint is that some of the SA I have run into, mostly in ATL, are kind of snotty and sometimes unhelpful. But some of them are great. Its a coin toss.