I am so loving my new Rebelle!!!!!

  1. I'm not sure if that's how you spell it - but wow!! I love it, it is one hell of an impressive bag - Of course I'm in the "honeymoon phase" but it's really awesome!!!!
    Dior 003.jpg Dior 004.jpg Dior 001.jpg
  2. Ooh it`s gorgeous! Congratulations on your new bag! You`re definitely rockin it in your picture :smile:
  3. Congrats..I have it in green..its a great bag..
    FYI-Dior store told me in September..we will be able to ORDER the messenger strap to interchange on the bag..WAY COOL!
  4. NO way... make it into a messenger... and I'm there!! I loveee it!! congrats!! :love:
  5. Oh, I will definitly want that strap - thanks Jill!
  6. Thanks K012, I feel so uncommonly glamed up with this bag on my arm!!!! It's a major addition to my collection.
  7. Looks like a comfortable, I will never want to part with it bag!
  8. Oh, 'this' is the Dior replacement bag for your returned Prada black Gauffre hobo. Nice choice. Congratulations.
  9. Oh, Golden, you are really on top of things!!! I'm impressed!!! Yes, this bag is more fun - I like the bells and whistles!!!