I am so jealous of celebrities and the status!

  1. So i'm sitting here thinking about how I am going to have to return any recent clothes I bought to fund my dental work ( fillings etc) and ive been thinking about this for ages. Sorry if it has been brought up before.

    Is it luck or are celebrities meant to be? I mean, are they in the right place and the right time? They have so much money, people throw clothes and money at them. What i wouldnt give to be able to not care so much about money and whether i can put food on the table but it really makes me jealous. I know we should all be happy with what we have but its a phenomenon I struggle to understand. For instance, Princess Mary of Denmark met Prince something (forgot he's name) at a bar up the road from me.. was that luck or fate? Im so jealous of Kate Middleton too, i have a feeling she will be Wills wife one day and ive been in love with Wills for as long as I remember. Either way, she is set for life. People want her to be at there parties, throw clothes, shoes - everything at her. She gets to go places and see things that I will never be able to do. True or not but i read Kate had photos of Wills in her room when she was young. Imagine that - getting to be with someone you idolise.

    I dont know why im rambling and thinking of these things, I guess it shows i must not be happy with my life. I know im not. What i wouldnt give to be a "Celebrity" or of that nature. Forget the celebrity part actually, even have enough money to be able to get my fillings AND put food on the table.

    Thanks for listening..Ill shutup now
  2. I'd hate it.

    I couldn't stand the lack of privacy, the constant harrassment and not being able to let my guts hang out without it ending up in some trashy mag.

    I like my quiet life.
  3. I think a great deal of people would want to be either famous or very rich (or both) - I would love to have loads of money to buy whatever I want, but there are lots of examples of people who have loads of money and fame but are not happy!

    There are bad points to being famous as well - not being able to just pop to the local shop for a loaf of bread without having to be dressed smart and looking good. If you don't breath in once you are plastered all over the front pages and being accused of being fat.

    Your past (and present) mistakes are dug up and shown to everybody. You suddenly gain 'friends' that you never knew you had.

    Take Kate Middleton - she is from a rich family anyway which is how she came to be at the same university as Prince William and met him. She is on the same social scale as him. He would never have fallen for a girl that works in the local supermarket because he would never have met her.

    I think we are given our lot and we have to make the best of what we were given. I'm still working on that - good luck.
  4. It sucks being a pleb doesn't it!

    I'm sure there are numerous cons to being famous, but if you were rich and anonymous, just imagine the life you could have!
  5. yeah, I agree with you guys. I'd take the $$$ in a min. but they can keep lack of privacy!! that would drive me crazy!!

    but sure who wouldn't want to be able to buy what they want and not have to worry about it....
  6. Wasn't Princess Di a nanny before she met Charles?
  7. ^^Yes :-]]
  8. yes but princess Di's family wasn't some random family. they were within the circle...

    sure i'd love to be a celebrity and get lots of free stuff, go to parties and all but it aint going to happen SO i'm not going to fret about it ....
  9. If you have everything you want, you lose your dreams.
  10. Didn't William & Kate break up??

    Some people I think it's luck some I think work really hard.

    It can't be easy to always have the press in your face, the paps prying on your every move you'd have to be so careful about what you do an don't do.

    It's not something you can switch off you need the press so you can't just ignore them or they go away and so does your income

    and imagine seeing a your butt in the mags with people saying how fat/cellulite/is she pregnant??

    Yes I'd like the money and the freebies but wouldn't like the scrutiny.
  11. Princess Diana was the daughter of the Earl of Spencer. She was nobility and her family was in the same social circle as the royals.

    Think about all the papparazzi stalking you. The fake friends who use you to gain access to the celebrity world. Your mistakes are national gossip. Money won't make you happy. Although it sure would make life easier!
  12. I agree with everyone. I wouldn't want the stalking paparazzi and rumors about me in magazines, etc. I like living my normal life where I have real friends who care about me. Plus, money doesn't make you happy, although it does help a great deal. I'm thankful for my good job and my DH. We live a comfortable, fairly quite lifestyle.
  13. There will always be people who have more than you, and always people with less.
  14. I'm not going to lie - it would be fun and great for a while but then with my luck I'd end up like Britney Spears :push:
  15. get a wonderful career, not just a job ...I think that way you can easily put the bread on the table,afford a lot of things and skip the "paparazzi" lifestyle:tup: