I am so indecisive!

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  1. I thought I wanted a MAB for sure, however, I am now eyeing the Matinee. Does anyone have both a MAB and a Matinee who can compare them for me? Like what you like and dislike about each one maybe? Which one is more comfortable to carry?

    The biggest thing for me is that I like to be comfotable when I go out. I don't want a bag that constantly gets in my way. I figured the MAB would be more practical b/c of the longer strap option, but there's something about the Matinee that draws me to it, lol.
  2. I have both and I love them! If you're interested in comfort I would suggest the MAB because you can easily smoosh it under your arm. The Matinee is rounded so it tends to stick out a bit when you have it on your shoulder. One thing that I don't love about the Matinee is that it's a bit difficult to get your stuff in and out of because the top zipper section is a bit small. I wish that it opened up just a bit wider so that my hands wouldn't scrape against the zipper. The outside pockets are nice, tough. The MAB is just one big, open bag which I love. I'd start with a MAB!

  3. I agree...but you also make me feel better with my first recent MAB purchase...I started doubting myself and thought about the Matinee...like "did I make the right purchase?"
    After hearing from you, I feel much better...thanks!
  4. I have both too and I actually find the Matinee to be comfortable on my shoulder. I guess alot of it depends on the type of leather on the bag. If it is a stiffer leather then the matinee may seem a bit bulky on your shoulder, but the smooshy leathers, I think the matinee is definitley more comfortable, with the longer shoulder drop. The opening is smaller though, so if that is an issue for you, then definitley MAB.
    Don't worry, they are so addictive you'll have both soon, MUAH!!! :supacool:
  5. I agree with everything Erica said. Trying to squish things in through the matinee opening is really irritating! Plus if you like to carry magazines around, you have to curl the magazine up, and then it's either under all your stuff or on top of all your stuff but curved around to fit in the bag (KWIM??) so it is always in the way. But the matinee is SO soft and smooshy and stylish and gorgeous..

    Utility wise, definitely MAB, looks wise, I'd go for matinee!
  6. I love the look of the Matinee...so beautiful! But I do hate bags with openings that are difficult to work with. That being said, I normally just carry a wallet, my cell phone, keys and maybe a makeup bag. Very rarely do I have other big items in there unless I'm traveling or something. So maybe the opening wouldn't be an issue? How long is the opening?

    What if they were the same price...then which would you pick?
  7. If you carry bigger items like a pair of heels, magazines, notebooks, or lunch with you, then I would get a MA bag. If you carry typical purse items like wallet, planner, ipod, cell phone, makeup bag, and other odds and ends, I would go with the Matinee. All the pockets are great for organizing!
  8. I agree with MzErica, too. If you have a lot of stuff in the Matinee it's a little more awkward to carry on the shoulder because it's round. It's like carry a big tube. Meanwhile, MA can be more tapered towards the top so it's easier to fit under the arm.

    Matinee is ok as long as you're not trying to stuff large things into it. Like GUNG says, it's better as a purse, not a carryall, so if you just have normal purse-things it'll be fine.
  9. ^Hey Mamie, baby!
  10. The MA seems REALLY big to me . I bought two and sold them both. I love my matinee I use it the most. I have two MAM I love too.
  11. You are so right about that! :P
  12. If thats all you'll carry then the matinee is great!

    I have both as well, and i will say this. My MAB is much heavier to carry on the shoulder than the matinee is because all of the weight in the MAB just goes into one place, where as i can spread out/organize more in the matinee.

    However it does have a semi-small opening. Not too small, but you couldn't fit like shoes and stuff in there without it looking awkward. I got a dream bag recently, and i think its a great bag to consider because it has a bigger opening, but is the size of the matinee.

    I'm going to be starting a new thread this weekend with comparison pics of my dream bag and matinee.

    I agree ;)
  13. My first RM was a Matinee. I think that Matinee has more design factor to it - the pull-up is a big reason that I bought it. I got my MAM this week. I love carrying it more than my Matinee. I think that the shoulder strap on the new MAM feels longer. It actually sits on my shoulder better than the matinee. Matinee has a lot of compartments for you to organize things. With MAM, I need to use small wallet size purses to keep my stuffs organized.