i am so indecisive!!

  1. ohmygosh just seconds after i decided to get an EB part-time with gsh, now im having a second thought!! should i just go for the EB or wait for turquoise? im thinking about a turquoise with ggh, wouldn't that be a funky combination? they're both gorgeous and i need something blue in my collection..whyy oh why balenciaga is making ALL these beautiful colours? :drool:

    TIA and any opinion would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. :rolleyes:Yep, that's how we end up with 10 bags lol!
  3. starrie I like the Eb with SGH, I say go with your first instinct! But as you know you can never go wrong with any Bal color combination ;) so it's just a matter of what to get first!
  4. oh, i think turquoise w/ GGH will be tdf!!!
    that's actually why i'm holding off on getting EB for now. i don't think it'll be too late to get EB when turquoise is out.
    so i think it's just a question if you can live without a new bag until then.:p
  5. get both!? hahhaa
  6. i wish i could!:shrugs:
    maybe i'll get the EB first then i'll save up for turquoise before it's here?
  7. ....:confused1:..Oh god..
  8. :roflmfao: True... sad, but true!!! :lol:
  9. Sounds like a perfect plan to me! :yes:
  10. If you love EB get it now since Turquoise will be around for awhile and it may not be as exciting as we are hoping. I like GS on blues. It just seems made for them.
  11. :lol: Exactly!! Bal's beautiful colors make it impossible to have just one!! Such a tough decision - I think I might lean toward the EB with SGH, but the turquoise with GGH sounds like it could end up being really stunning, too!!
  12. you should get eb with sgh for just now and save hard for the turquoise!!! i think eb with sgh is lovely especially in the part time! every time i see shastas signature i just drool over it
  13. I think you should go for the EB with GSH. I have seen this combination and it is fantastic. On the other hand, I haven't seen any turq, so it is hard to predict if it will be as fab as everyone is hoping. As you said, you can always save for the next one, or sell the EB if you decide you would rather then turq
  14. I think I might prefer the sgh eb combo but it's a hard call . I think turquoie might be nice in rh.
  15. :lol: That is so funny...but true!!:shocked: