I am so indecisive...opinions help please

  1. Ok I really love the sig stripe in parchment, something about the color combo gets me. But I can't decide which bag.
    I always love satchel shapes, so this in parchment has been calling me.

    But I love the idea of this cross body. Having two kids I can see it coming in handy. But does it look "off" when worn like that?
  2. I like the first one better.
  3. i say go for the satchel. honestly i think the second one would look funny worn cross body.
  4. I also like the satchel better :tup:
  5. I don't care for cross body bags and much prefer satchels to shoulder bags so the satchel gets my vote.
  6. I really like the first one!! I'm not a fan of cross body bags but do love satchels!!!
  7. I see tons of people wearing the cross body and it doesn't look weird to me :smile:
    I think the cross body is more practical if you have two kids (are they young?) and you need your hands free.
    However if you want a bag for going out without the kids, I say get the satchel.
    But I think they're both cute hehe.
  8. Get whatever bag u will get the most use out of. The strap can always be removed for the crossbody tote. I do, however have the satchel in denim & absolutely love it!
  9. I concur! Go for the satchel!
  10. I prefer the first one.
  11. LOVE the satchel... that's what I'd go for.
  12. I like that you can wear the second one on your shoulder if you don't like how it looks cross body. I have the same issue with one kid - I need a bag that will allow me to have 2 hands free.
  13. I need two hands free as well (2 hands...2 kids!!! LOL) I prefer a shoulder bag w/ kids, so out of those 2 bags, I choose bag 2! BUT there are plenty of signature stripe totes that you can throw over your shoulder if you really like the signature stripe as well! (I own the denim stripe signature tote 11179 and LOVE it...it's great w/ kids too!!! LOL) But then you wouldnt get the cross body strap...though that does come off when you dont need it!!! I am NO help, am I!!!!????
  14. I think the first one is much nicer...the second one would definately look strange worn cross body.
  15. I like the first one. Something about the second one seems off to me.