I am so indecisive.. don’t know which to choose...

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  1. E4071FCC-6A60-42C5-A738-CC45C8C99D51.jpeg I got my first LV in January. I hesitated between the PM and the Favorite MM. I finally opted for the Pm, which I love very much, thinking one day I would also get the Favorite. Forward to March, I fall in love with the Dauphine mini... was not expecting this on my purchase plan..:smile:
    I tell myself she will be my next, for fall, since I don’t want to buy many bags at once so I can enjoy them:smile: and.. hubby thinks I’m exaggerating..so..
    Last week, I pop up at my LV and there she is.. the Favorite! Of course, I bought her.
    Husbands gets in my head, says it’s too similar and I should really think about my purchase..
    I still love the Dauphine, and now, I’m hesitating if I should exchange the Favorite for the Dauphine.
    I love both.. Dauphine is 3 times the price of the Favorite but much more different in look to my PM..
    My SA ordered the Dauphine and will be here tomorrow.. and I’ll have to choose! I would love your input.. help is really needed.. ( yes, I know there are bigger problems in the world than choosing a LV bag but I know somme of you can relate :smile:)
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. I actually don't like the Favorite myself - however, I think if you already have the PM, Favorite will be more different and useful, plus give you more funds for later, too. Just my two cents!
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  3. The Dauphine is so much nicer IMO.
  4. I sold my favourite just a few months after buying it, that was so many years ago. The too short crossbody strap irritated me, and it was too soft, and I didn’t like my things sliding around.

    Dauphin is so much better than the favourite! It’s stunning! Of course, I bought it, so I am very biased:lol:
  5. I personally find the Dauphine overpriced. I don’t think the Favorite is similar to the PM in anything except having the same canvas.
    I would go with what makes your heart sing. Both bags can be purchased in the future, so go with what you want the most now.
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  6. In terms of how you can use the bags, the favourite will give you different options .
    IMO the PM and Dauphine mini are both cross body bags with compartments inside so very similar function bags.

    The favourite mm can be worn crossbody , as a small shoulder bag with just the gold chain or as a clutch. You could always get the favourite in the DE which is great as a fall and winter bag.
  7. I’d keep the Favorite. It’s my most used bag but I’d definitely think of buying the Dauphine in the future.
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  8. my wife loves her pm and fav mm (both in mono) … and so do i.
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  9. I’d get the dauphin first if You have the funds now, then after a while if you still feel the need for a favorite, then get it later. It’s much cheaper n will be easier to save for, down the road. Plus the dauphin is a much nicer bag. My favorite is just a grab n go bag which I use interchangeably with my PA.
  10. Why not the Favorite in damier ebene than you have a difference to the PM.
  11. Everything you are saying makes so much sense and yet, it is still hard to make my decision..
    I am not a fan of damier so for me, it would be mono.
    I am scared that of down the road I want to get the Favorite again, it won’t be available since so many people say that it will be discontinued and that they are trying to eliminate the canvas..
    It is true that the chain rubbing against the purse also gets a bit annoying but it is so pretty... i would be able to deal with that. Also, the Dauphine has the same compartments inside. It is however on the smaller size though which fits my frame better. I love that the Favorite is dressier. I love that I can change the strap with my PM, one of the looks I absolutely adore! But I love the fact hat the Dauphine is less hassle with the rain and the snow. I absolutely love the combo of color on the Dauphine, but It is much more bulky than the Favorite. I love the fact that it is thinner than both other bags..
    This is not easy....:smile:
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  12. The Favorite looks nothing like the PM, so therefore not similar at all. However, from experience, I personally do not like the Favorite at all. I owned the MM size and it drove me nuts worrying every time I layed it down on a chair out and about if the magnet would not hold. Worrying that all of my things would come out. It happened several times and I don't carry much at all. it also started developing the dreaded crease on the flap so I sold it as fast as I could!! The Dauphin is very pretty and I actually love the look of this bag, but to me this one is very similar to the PM with the shape. However, the Dauphin is sooooo pretty!! Personally I'd return the Favorite and if your not sold on buying the Dauphine than don't. Have you considered buying a pochette accessories? I have 3 and love using them. I do carry on my shoulder and it stays put. You could also buy a strap to wear crossbody if you wanted.
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  13. I hadn’t thought about the creasing.. does it happen ofter? Do they take it back if it does?
    Will look at the accessories when I go this week:smile:
  14. I sold mine before they started the returning defective bag thing they are doing now, but I really don’t know if they see it as a defect? Maybe someone else has had experience with that and could chime in? I just know for me more than anything it was the magnet not holding strong and my things coming out. I love my pouchettes though! They have a zipper!!! I know they can be hard to find at times also.
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  15. I’d go for the favorite mm - I use mine often as a clutch for brunch, dinner and evenings out when I don’t want to carry a shoulder bag or a crossbody.
    Since you already have the PM which is a shoulder/crossbody bag the dauphine would be very similar in the options to carry.
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