I am so in love with this Python Spy! Slap some sense into me please!

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  1. I went to Fendi today and saw a python spy with honey brown handles and a sort of terquoise/brown/yellowish/blue/green python print that was so gorgeous I completely forgot that people are saying that the spy is a trend about to pass and that the price of about $5500 is not anywhere near affordable (and nearing birkin territory). I wish I had a picture for you all, maybe I could get one from my SA there. Does anyone know what I am talking about? How does python hold up in time? Is it better to get one bag that is so impressive and always wear it or to buy other less expensive bags and have more variety?

    Also, saw a Fendi baguette with the most interesting twisted leather detailing, as if strips of leather, one side light blue the other side a dusty violet, were twisted and then sewn down, to create this holographic effect. It had a python strap. Very impressive. Has anyone seen this? It was about $1,300. I am also tempted!
  2. I think I know which one you mean - I saw it at HN on Monday. I must say, its very beautiful - if I had the money I'd be all over it like a cheap suit!:biggrin:
  3. I've seen the python, its nice but for the price I'd rather have a birkin ;) Hold out girl!
  4. Noriko..did you really look at it...I mean oh my. Oh my. Forget marriage, children, granchildren, a career... I want it. OK, maybe that's taking it a step too far.

    I went into Hermes and saw a mini tiny birkin. The salesgirl wanted to pull it out but I looked at it and sadly shook my head, "Too small" I sighed... but walked out confidently knowing that one day it would be there, like a small child up for adoption, and before I could say hello it would be mine.
  5. ^^^was it the red suede one? I saw that again tonight, went to both the Waikiki and the Ala Moana one :lol: btw I sent you an email just now about agenda advice!

    I looked at it, but I think my love for the spy bag just kind of died so that is influencing my decision here :lol:

    btw if you want to check out the horsehair birkin, its still at the Waikiki boutique, my SA thought they sold it but no such luck yet! I'm not really tempted anymore, but might be if I don't make a purchase soon, I'm going nuts!!!! I need to buy lol.
  6. I can't believe we were both at the same mall today. This is ridiculous. I probably passed you. I bought this amazing silk Nanette Lapore dress for $440... I feel so guilty. I wish this forum was about clothes too, then I would post a pic! ha!

  7. Post it in the general section ;)

    :lol: I didn't know you were there today! What time! btw, what about that trunk show? I'm looking forward to it :biggrin: You need to show me the dress too, don't feel guilty, you're probably lovely in it:love: :nuts: :biggrin:
  8. the spy must be beautiful, but for that price you might as well get the birkin.
    don't do it. save a little more for the birkin. :smile:
  9. Oh - I've seen that spy. The handles I saw were gold. But I LOVED it too! It was beautiful! If I had the money I would get it. I guess if I returned all the bags I got, I could. The SA told me it was rare and that only two boutiques had it. I knew she was lying!

    See if your SA can send a pic!

  10. Yes, I would really like to see the pics.:biggrin:
  11. Me too!
  12. :lol:
  13. Oooh I think I know that dress, thinking of getting it for a wedding. Post pics!
  14. Actually the dress was Vivienne Tam, I tried on so many I forgot what I actually went home with. Attached is a picture of it from her website. It looks better on me I think. Haha

  15. I saw that bag today! I've been content in my Spy hate-dom but that bag took my breath away.

    Sweetea, the Houston Fendi store had it in the window!