I am so in LOVE with my SEAFOAM FIRST!!!!

  1. I just received my seafoam first in the mail today! I recently traded my apple green city for this seafoam :yahoo: :love: :love: I am so in love with it. This color is amazing. I think I'm going to hang to it for dear life! Thanks so much eveningfaces!!!
  2. Well, I am in love with it too!!:heart: Looks like a bunch of us got B-bags today!!! Congrats!:rolleyes:
  3. Wow it's soooo beautiful! I nearly asked my parents to bid on it when I saw it on the auction site but decided against it...now i regret it so much! You're so lucky, definitely hold on to it! Congrats!
  4. Oh you traded it already? LOVE the seafoam!! Congrats!!!
  5. aww percephonie! you will find a seafoam soon. i will keep my eye out for you!
  6. Pretty! In that picture you can really see how the turq 04 and the seafoam are soooo very similar, close in color!
  7. Awww thanx hun! I'm desperately looking for one now, especially after seeing yours lol!
  8. Its beautiful!
  9. do you want the first or city size?i'm gonna call nhelle tonight cuz of another bag...will inquire about the seafoam for you too.
  10. That's so nice of you! Right now I don't mind any size lol!
  11. SS how many bbags do you have now lol? I'd love to see pics of the updated collection!
  12. CONGRATS to this great trade sweetsparkle - absolutely GORGEOUS bag, enjoy it :yes::flowers::love:
  13. nice bag - i want one in that colour so bad! :sad:
  14. Wow what a beautiful bag!! The color is just gorgeous:yes: So happy
    for you!! Enjoy it!;)

  15. Oh poor girl :cry: . . . I'm sure that Nhelle will find another seafoam for YOU ;), don't worry :yes: