I am so in love with my AC Mid City that...

  1. ...I ordered another one from Luna Boston! I ordered the Mid City in black about a week and a half ago, and I absolutely adore it. It is the PERFECT AC tote size and so light to carry. I decided that I had to have it in the Espresso Brown, and just placed the order. I can't wait to get it! :yahoo:

    Has anyone else ordered and/or gotten one? If not, I really recommend it, and I really recommend ordering from Luna Boston. I've ordered several bags from them in the past, and they all arrived in a timely fashion and the customer service reps are always so nice. Free shipping, discount code, and no tax - you can't beat that!

    PS - I should mention that I don't work for Luna Boston in case my compliments sound fishy.
  2. Congrats Suli girl.:yahoo: Can't wait to see your pics.:wlae:
  3. would love to see pics!
  4. I didn't realize Luna Boston had the new size already, I'll have to check it out. Enjoy your new bags!
  5. Make sure you aren't charged tax from any website that is not based in your state. If there isn't a physical store in your state, you should not be charged sales tax.
  6. That's great SuLi! Hearing this really makes me want to order one....just waiting for the right color to "grab" me. When you get it I'll be curious to hear what the leather on the brown one is like.
  7. Congrats on your bag! Were you able to use a code for lunaboston or is it over now? I should be getting my mid city in Taupe on Wednesday and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I only hope that I like the color which I ordered from Shopbop. Here is what it looks like from Shopbop:
  8. Unfortunately, I was away for the holidays without reliable computer access, so I missed out on the 25% off...I did use the "grechen" code to get 20% off, so that made me happy. I can't wait to see yours when you get it!
  9. I LOVE her city totes (I have butterscotch mini and black mini)! The lines are so clean and simple, the weight is so light (I hope the midi in Taupe will be lightweight too), and the convenience of use is unlike any other bag I've ever owned! I LOVE THEM!!! Can't wait till Wednesday and I will be sure to post my impression when it comes! Can't wait to hear what you think about the new espresso brown you ordered....the black (from your other post) looks wonderful on you!
  10. Don't forget to post photos when you get them, ladies! Definitely want to see them "on person."

  11. i would love to see what this looks like in hand/on shoulder :smile: thanks!
  12. good for you! I love my AC City too...but I think I am going to move onto the Jet Setter...such a wonderful brand that I can't stay away!
  13. i love my AC mini and my mid-city. I bought the mid-city for my mom and she loves it too!!
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    To those that own a MC bag, how is it holding up? I just ordered it in black this afternoon at Foley & Corinna. I have read many posts that a lot of career women use these bags. It it looks good, I will definately get a beige colored bag to use for the spring/summer. I also like the fact that the bag is made in the USA. I refuse to buy designer bags at high ticket prices made in China.