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I am so immature

Do bodily functions crack you up?

  • Teehee you said poo

  • I'm a lady, thank you

  • You guys are all disgusting

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Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
But I have to ask. Do bodily functions make you laugh? If someone says "harpoon" do you say "tee-hee, poo"? Do you enjoy fart jokes? I know we're all ladies here, and PERSONALLY, I do not endorse such gross vulgarity and crudeness. I **** flowers, so I would't even understand. Just wanted to hear your opinions.


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
I don't laugh at bodily function sounds, but I still find the word penal to be very funny!

I also find it funny when people use the word 'penetration' when they aren't even talking about sex. (Like "At Macy*s, credit penetration is very important.")