I am so happy!

  1. Ok, maybe this should go in the eBay thread?, but its not a question-I just want to share. If I am wrong please move it.
    I have been wanting a Chelsea zip around wallet-the large one-and was looking on eBay last week. I saw a poorly listed Chelsea tote and wallet(the one I wanted) ending at $199.00 with no bids and free shipping! It said NWOT and it looked ok so I bid & won! Well I got them on Monday and they are perfect. So I was thinking even though I got an excellent deal I really did not need the tote so I listed it at a bin price of $175.oo and it just sold! So I got my wallet for $25.00! )(well I do have to pay fees, but still) I am so excited! I love great deals like this. Its fun to look for those *hidden* treasures on there-you know the ones where the seller has NO idea what they have. Just needed to share.
  2. I LOVE winning poorly listed auctions! I've gotten quite a few coach steals because of it! (most recently, a hamptons weekend swing pack (from summer 05 or 06?) for like 29.99.)

    I do love my pebbled leather tote from the outlet, and would love a zip around wallet too...you got a great deal...what a smart girl you are!