I am so happy to join Gauffre family again :)

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  1. After sold my Tessuto E/W Gauffre tote in white few months ago, I was hoping to get another one in black, somehow I have no luck :sad:
    Until this week a Tessuto Gauffre hobo "pop up", honestly I'm not hobo type of girl but with 3rd baby on the way, I am thinking a hobo might be a good diaper bag especially it come with a detachable shoulder strap ;) and I grab it!!! ladies, may I share with you my Tessuto Gauffre Hobo in Sesamo :P



    008-2.jpg 009-2.jpg 010-2.jpg
  2. and some modeling pictures, I think it look kind of huge on my 5' petite figure :P



    my soon to be 3 years old insisted to be in the picture :P
    002-2.jpg 005-2.jpg
  3. Beautiful!!! I love that color and it is a lot bigger than I expected!
  4. looks great with the cute little girl!
  5. LOVE it!
  6. Gorgeous! Where did it turn up?
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. Beautiful. Looks good on you!
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    Where did you get this? I have ALWAYS loved this bag...did I say I LOVE this bag??!!! I mean I TOTALLY LOVE this bag..Looks great on you--congrats!!
  10. Thank you luvh!! i agreed, it's lots bigger than i expected too!! i need some time to adjust to it but I AM LOVING IT :heart:

    Thank you lpsimer!!!! she's fashioniasta in training!!! :lol:

    Thank you ryrybaby

    Thank you girlygirl3! i get it from B*nanzle, from a lovely tpfer ;)

    Thank you linpaddy

    Thank you Wee

    Thank you EMMY!! it was from B*nanzle!! I am loving it too!!! seller is a lovely tpfer and she was very helpful ;)
  11. congrats
  12. Congrats, I had seen it on bonanzle and hoping a tpf'er would get it. Beautiful lil girl!!
  13. Very nice! I'm usually not a hobo person either but agree that I like it in that style.