I am so happy now, with my two new babies~!! lots of pix

  1. They are rouge arena bowler, and marine GH day~~

    just love them!!!

    the bowler has the color i've been searching for for a long time, and the shape is perfect too~

    the GH just gives the dark marine day alot more~~ i love the golden hardware, so sexy~!!

    the pix are taken without flash and with flash~

    Thank all tPF for the help and i just wanna say i like this forum a lot~~!! love everyone here!!!!
  2. Gorgeous Bags - Thanks for posting them and Enjoy!!!!
  3. i am wearing it~~!!

    they are definitely the happiest thing ito me in this snowing easter!!!

    happy easter to all!
    IMGP0587.JPG IMGP0597.JPG
  4. Beautiful Bags! I absolutely love that Marine GH Day!! :drool: Congrats! They look great one you!
  5. aaw.... muzi, u're such a cutie :love:

  6. I :heart: your rouge vif bowling its so cute and looks so adorable on you!
  7. Your marine looks so hot with an all black outfit... congrats!
  8. Both are absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats. :drool:
  9. gorgeous bags, they look great on you!
  10. ITA - i love seeing the mini bowling, it's the coolest shape. too many bags to choose from... :shrugs:
    yours are gorgeous, congrats!!
  11. Rouge Vif is my favorite in the mini bowling... you look awesome!!! Congrats!
  12. I love them both and you look so cute wearing them.:p Congrats and enjoy.:yahoo:
  13. Both are gorgeous but that marine day bag :nuts: W O W. I never gave marine much sonsideration, but now I'm thinking I like it as well as ink if not better. Just beautiful!:heart:
  14. beautiful bags...congrats, muzi!
  15. Surely that is not the Mini Bowler ... it looks ENORMOUS!!! Wow! Beautiful bags you got, girl! ;)