I am so happy! My baby's coming home!!

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  1. Ok, I know you probably all think I am nuts. And to a degree I am. You all know how many of us buy and sell bags for whatever reasons. Well, I sold my White MC Trouville a couple months ago to fund that Suhali White Lockit that I bought that I ended up HATING, and I regretted so badly that I sold the trouville. I loved that bag so much!!

    Well, guess what? I just so happened to speak to the person I sold it too today, and she is selling it back to me!!! I bought it back!!! My baby is coming home and I couldn't be happier!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Now here's the weird part: this morning my hubby hands me this little box with some kind of jade looking trinket in it, and I say "what's this thing" and he says "read the box". So the box says FENG SHUE (sp?) UNEXPECTED MIRACLE GOOD LUCK CHARM!!!!!!! I said when did you bring this into the house, he said last night, and this morning my bag is coming back!!!!! I know it's a strech--but man, isn't that weird??? :wtf: :wtf:

    Well, I am so happy, I won't post pics since you've already seen them the first time!!!:lol: :lol:
  2. omg, that is the coolest thing!! congrats on getting your baby back, and never let her go!!!!!
  3. Wow ! What a great story ! Congrats, I am so happy for you, we all know what it is like to feel attached to our bag, you probably didn't realise until it was gone. Now it is coming home, yeah !
  4. I didn't know you had sold your MC Trouville. I am so surprised cuz I know you loved it!! I am happy its coming back to you!
  5. So happy you got your baby back!!!! :yahoo:
  6. Wow- what a great story! Glad you got your bag back-did you pay less than she did when she bought it from you?
  7. Traci, I am so happy for you..I can't believe she's back..
    I saw you bought it back...yes you are nuts !!!! but in the nice way...
  8. Good for you, Traci! Isn't it weird how things like that happen?

  9. No,no, it was exactly the same amount. Bless her heart.
  10. Awesome :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. Yay, I'm glad you're getting your baby back!:yahoo:
  12. I'm so happy. I feel like all is right in that little part of my mind called "bag lane". hee hee. I hope she forgives me for sending her away. Okay, I know that's a little carried away, but it is late and I am tired....
  13. ^^Oops.....gotta change the ticker!!!!
  14. OMG>. what a story...... :crybaby:awesome......

    this happened to me when i sold my sullivan fuschia... i keep thinking of it. but i am not lucky as you the buyer said she love the bag..
  15. awww, that is the sweetest story:crybaby: . You're so lucky you got your baby back, what luck! Congrats:yahoo: