I am So happy in PINK!

  1. Well if this wasn't meant to be I don't know what is. I went to my local NM today to check on the status of my Cafe day and figured, why not ask if they have anyting "Unusual" in the back. Like maybe some older colors. Well of course the SA that was helping me barked out NO before I could finish speaking. BUT wouldn't you know it, another SA that was standing close by said "yes" I think we may have something. I yelled out "any chance a pale pink day" and she said YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    She is missing the xtra tassles but the manager promised me she can get them:s We'll see.

    Here she is. I'm in love!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    P1030956.JPG P1030957.JPG P1030952.JPG P1030958.JPG
  2. See, when one door shuts another opens! Great find!
  3. beauuuutifuuullllll!!! I love the day, gotta get more....
  4. Congrats!!! Now you can cross out pale rose day from your "want" list :yahoo:
  5. geez, you are luckier than lucky! enjoy!
  6. Ohhh congratulations Z&J :nuts: . . . your pale pink day is GORGEOUS :drool: - what a found :yahoo: !! ENJOY it :love:
  7. It's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
  8. Thanks everyone! I still cannot believe what just happened. BTW, I was told NM didn't order the day in cafe w. old hw so if anyone else is waiting maybe try some place else.
  9. Congratulations. She's a beauty!
  10. What luck! Congrats, she's gorgeous.. I love pale pink and I'm not a pinky person.
  11. Yayyyy, Happy New Year. You got what you wanted. It is a great feeling. Congrats.:yahoo:
  12. Wow, its beautiful!! I sooo want a pink bal bag now. Was there any discount on it since it was hidden in the back??

  13. No discount. I tried! It was even missing tassels and they could care less
  14. Congrats! It's such a nice color!!!!
  15. beautiful bag! I love it!