I am SO grossed out right now! And upset!

  1. Hi everyone!
    So today is a rare nice fall day in Oregon, without rain, so DH and I went on a leisurely stroll to get some coffee and check out a couple of small downtown shops. We have a little more upscale consignment shop that basically accepts only nicer brand names and gently used stuff. They send out email lists with coupons and such, and I'm on the list since the owner came to the day spa I used to work at and gave us a few tips to make it easier to wear black and white without getting bored.

    So I decide, since lately they have been featuring Coach in their emails, to go in and see what they have since I know none of the stuff will be in bad shape and sometimes the stuff is brand new!

    I'm looking around and see a wall of handbags and shoes, so I go over to it and start looking...and I see an obvious, painfully fake Prada bag hanging there next to some fake Kate Spade...and a no name bag that was ripping off the Coach hamptons carryall style in leather, except this felt more like pleather. I WAS FURIOUS!!!!

    Basically I have decided never to go in there again unless they send out more emails with Coach stuff, then I will go right away and authenticate it myself, and if it's fake I will chew them out so hard!!!

    I don't know, some people don't care about fakes or not but selling it in stores is kind of misleading the customer, and is ILLEGAL.
    Also, I think stores like that have an obligation to help educate customers that may not know anything about fakes, they should set a higher standard and not accept things to sell that are not real.
  2. ugh! I wonder if the people working there actually thought it was real coach? I hateeeeeee fakes.
  3. I think a lot of people think the bags are real, at a lot of places...because my experience has been from talking to SA's at different stores (like Nordies etc) is that they don't get training on specific brands and what their fakes look like....so they don't know....if it 'looks' and 'feels' real...then peop;le can make returns since you don't need a receipt there.

    Education is SO important, for all brands if you are an SA somewhere. That is just what I think. Then you can help protect custies and the integrity of the store.

    GROSS. I hate it.
  4. That is awful. I know what you are talking about, I once seen a black mini sig fake hobo at Nordstroms. I told the SA that the bag was fake and she just said, that is not possible. I told her that maybe someone had return it and kept the real one. She just looked at me like I was crazy. All I know is it was fake. And I hope no one bought it.
  5. That is awful! And some poor unsuspecting person is going to buy it, thinking its the real thing! I saw a fake in Marshalls last year & I was soooo distressed!!! And I was in TJs today & saw a bag from last fall, possibly 2 falls ago. It was a blue tweed, but the one I saw was white (winter white). Anyway, despite having tags & the Creed & the real dustbag, I would almost swear it was fake too!! The handles were AWFUL!!!
  6. That is sad that they would sell that in a store.
  7. Yup I think that is why I'm so upset about it...a place that claims to be all upstanding and only accept specific types of merchandise to resell...yet they do not have any education or seem to care about ripoffs.
    A fake Prada is not classier than real Old Navy. I'm just saying.
  8. There is a no name (non-chain) beauty supply store in our local mall. I stopped in one day to get some shampoo and conditioner and saw lots of fake Coach bags. I seriously do not get it. Why sell fake bags at a hair supply store?!? I left without getting anything. I kind of figured since they are selling fake bags the products the sell may be counterfit too. I was so grossed out!! I bothers me so much to see fake bags at the mall!!
  9. Can you report something like this (to whom)? Are people allowed to sell counterfeit items like this legally? I was just wondering, in case I come across something like this because it's sounding like it's becoming pretty common unfortunately. I just HATE fakes with a passion and I'd like to be active in ridding them if I can.
  10. This is exactly why I am growing more reluctant to buy any Coach bags at Macy's that are on Sale. I am pretty good at deciphering whether an item is a Fake, but for peace of mind I'd rather just buy the bags I want at the Coach boutiques or outlets.

    Also, Candace 117-
    You should probably educate the owner of the store, especially if they are buying the buys off previous owners under the assumption they are Real bags. She might not have suspected, which in turn ends up ripping the store off (unless unassuming customers actually get fooled into buying these bags).

  11. I normally would, but the bags were priced very low...almost as if she were selling them knowingly. Some of the real stuff I have seen there was basically priced at half off retail if it were in decent condition...so still up to a couple hundred dollars for a bag. These were less than 50.

    I am not really sure whether I should go back in there and ask her about it.:heart:
  12. Yup! You can report fake handbags on the coach counterfiet hotline on their website. A few fellow SA's and I decided to go to the local farmer's market before work one morning and spotted the most disgusting coach bags ever. "Jerry" as he liked to be called, claimed they were the real deal, right off the truck in NYC. We simply asked if he did "purse parties" and he gladly forked over his phone number and name. (we were all in COACH uniform btw.) Then we called our manager and she alerted the authorites. Needless to say, they were shut down. Funniest sunday morning of my life. :roflmfao:
  13. LOL!!!!!!
    That is fantastic. I will definitely keep that in mind as I went back today and that bag was gone. The fake Prada, however, remained!
  14. I hate fakes.. how embarrassing..how bout you own a store and not be embarrassed to carry fake items.. and try to pawn them off as real...

  15. Red - the reason I said I went back to check, was that I wasn't sure if the bags had to be there when you notify Coach? Or can you just let them know you saw the store carrying fakes even if they already sold???