I am SO FURIOUS!!!!!!!

  1. OMG! I am SOOO upset and have to let it out:mad: :rant: !
    Please excuse me for a long story...I will try my best to make it short.

    When I started my H bags collection, my parents helped me alot to hunt down hard to find Birkins. My mom and I had some kind of aggrement(?) to share bags...which really had not happened that much so far until this thing happened. She used to use my bags when she visited me, and I borrowed hers that she took them with her to visit me.

    This time, we did something little different...I believed my mom was a careful H bag user after seeing how well she has been maintaining and taking care of her H croc collections! As my parents are in oversea, we decided to borrow each other's bag 2~3 bags at a time for a couple of months.

    So, I took her blue jean ostrich Birkin (she told me if I really liked it, I could keep it, but I decided to return it to her. Because I think handles turn darker much quicker in BJ ostrich than other colors in ostrich in my opinion...:sad: ), and I let her take potiron togo with PH and brown togo with GH Birkins to home a couple of months ago.
    Okay...she is back to visit me, and she didn't take extra Birkins with her this time knowing she has to take BJ ostrich Birkin back to home. She has been using potiron and brown Birkins while she has been here.

    Finally, it is the night before she is going back, she has returned my potiron and brown birkins and taken her BJ ostich Birkin since I don't want to keep it.

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I am EXTREMLY UPSET! I do NOT have OCD or I am NOT anal on things, but I am careful enough to keep my bags clean! With my standard, she DESTROYED those two Birkins!!!!!!!!!!!! They have deep scratches all over, forget about HW (I don't even want to describe them), and there are some kind of white spots (I have no idea what they are...white out...paint..???):cursing: :hysteric: . I have NO idea what she did and where she took them! I mean I am really into croc. Birkins and try to keep numbers down for non-exotic Birkins, but I want to keep some of non-exotic Birkins for when I can't be really extra extra careful with exotic Birkins.

    She keeps all her croc. Birkins and Kellys really well! Some of her croc Birkins and Kellys are over 10 years old, and still look BRAND NEW!!!!!!! That's why I trusted her with my bags! Yes, regular leather Birkins are cheaper than croc.s but still expensive and I treasure every single bag! I do NOT trash bags because some of them are cheaper than others!

    I am NOT taking those bags back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NO MORE sharing or borrowing whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!! She has to do something about those two bags! I am really upset, & can't sleep! They were brand new and brand new like when she took them. And they came back like 20 years old Birkins that had been used for every single day!!!! I gave her those Birkins to take with her(of course, I let her know how upset I am), and leave it up to her what she wants to do about this.

    I am sorry if I sound too crazy...but man! I am angry!:mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. Could you politely suggest that they have a visit to the spa, at her expense? She must realize that they look terrible.

    In the end, it's your Mom. Just don't share anymore.
  3. Oh dear...I'd be upset as well, especially if they were practically new when I lent them out, but it is your mom like GK said. Having said that, have you asked her what happened? Maybe vent here and then once you're calmer ask her nicely what happened to your bags. Perhaps she can give you one of her exotics to make up for the damage done to your two non-exotics? :graucho:
  4. I am on your side aspen. It's basic courtesy (even if she is your mother) to take care of things that don't belong to you. Seems the damage to your bags extends even beyond the superficial daily wear. You should have a talk with your mom after you have calmed down a bit and tell her why you are upset by her carelessness and that she can make up for it by getting your a porosus blue jeans birkin (with diamonds thrown in for good measure)
  5. I'm with ya in wanting to not share with her anymore, however, she is your mom. Do these bags come before your relationship with her? I definitely think that you should sit down with her and discuss your emotions. She might not even have a clue how pissed you are and might be put back if you like, out of the blue, say no more sharing. Feel better!!
  6. Awwwww Hugs J.... I know that must be furious for you!

    I mean you lend her things because you trust her and she brings them back looking like trash? Thats not very considerate of her!

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!!
  7. I understand how upset you would be about your bags, but I also think your relationship with your mom should come before your bags. Just let her know that you're not 100% happy with the condition of your returned bags and see where it goes from there. Since she's your mom and loves you, I'm sure she'll come up with something to please you =)
  8. Sorry to hear about your situation with your mother. I would be extremely upset and disappointed, too. Would you feel better if you kept the bj ostrich? You could tie a twilly over the handles to keep them clean?
  9. Aspenmartial,

    What a shock that must have been! I am positive that we all feel your pain at having your most prized possesions returned, damaged. We would all feel slightly betrayed, and you have every right to be angry.

    I do want to tell you that my black togo birkin (only 3 years old) also has white marks on it, like white out or perhaps I bumped into a white wall or something on it. I shield my bag wherever I go, and still, it's the only bag I have that has that, the togo leather. None of my other leathers do that, even ones I use more often.

    Even though the bags were damaged whilst in your mother's possession, she can't have gone around intentionally trying to damage them or intend to be careless, can she? However, it did happen, and that's something you need to come to terms with; that if you lend out your bag, you need to prepare yourself for the risk of it being damaged, and be prepared to deal with it.
    If it bothers you too much, either don't do it, or perhaps tell the person being lent the bag that if they damage it, they are expected to repair or replace it if repairs are not possible.

    Please don't feel as though I am taking her side when I write this next line, because I'm not -I DO feel your pain, hurt, and anger, but did your mother bring you into this world? Did she put you through schooling and give you a happy upbringing? Did she help you find your favourite birkins? Did she offer to give you a blue jean ostrich birkin, which is worth twice what non-exotics are? Imagine she were gone tomorrow, and all you had left to remember her by were the two birkins she'd used and returned to you. Wouldn't it make you feel better to see them and know that she'd carried them in the last days of her life? It may sound like drama, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves just who our parents are.

    Possibly when she realises how upset and angry you are she will offer to give you another bag you might want more than the BJ ostrich. I hope you are able to resolve it with her. It's a wonderful bond that you share with your mother, a love of these beautiful handbags. Again, please don't feel I'm taking her side against yours. I'm just trying to help you see it in a different perspective to possibly help you feel less angry. In any case, I hope you feel better soon after sharing your frustration with us. :heart:
  10. Very well stated Lady Emma
  11. Thank you, therealllouis. I really hesitated before saying this, because the last thing one wants to hear when one is upset is "Be grateful you have her," but it's also good to be reminded to look at the picture in a broader light.

    In any case, aspenmartial has our support, and our ears. This is such a wonderful group, very lucky girls we are to have each other! (now I sound like Yoda!!) ha ha.
  12. Thank you so much for reading my long posting and giving me thoughtful thoughts! You guys are great comfort and help as always!

    Lady Emma-I really appreciate what you've posted. Your thought process is wonderful. Thank you~!

    I love my mom, but she drives me crazy sometimes...yeh...what can I do? She is my mom...:s :rolleyes:
  13. Aspen, I'm so glad you feel that way. I was sitting on pins and needles waiting for a backlash! LOL. :sweatdrop:
    Today it's a handbag, but hopefully tomorrow, or the next day...it won't bother you so much. Be well - I'm off to bed!:heart:
  14. oh im sorry this happened to you aspen it's just that other people don't take care of you'r things like you do, that's why i don't share mines even if it sound's selfish but it's better to be selfish than to regret the consequences, im sorry again! maybe you need a new leather birkin to brighten things up like a vert anis? and hope yo can forgive you'r mom! just no more borowing ;)

  15. Been offline most of the day and this is the first thread I saw ... Aspen, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your bags. I would be very upset too. You're right, regardless of what type of leather, they are still expensive bags and each must have some special memory associated with it. I think you should definitely talk this over with your Mom and find out what happened. Also, definitely send these babies to the spa right away, I'm sure they can do something to fix it. Mothers can drive one crazy at times, but at the end, they're mothers and we know they never mean any harm. Good luck and please let us know the status on these bags. I hope you feel better soon