I am so frustrated...need help deciding which Sophia!

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  1. I was so excited to get the small purple Sophia. I went into the Coach store where it was waiting for me...until I saw the purple Op Art Sophia, with the silver hardware! I like silver hardware much better than gold, so I was really excited. The only problem was that the purple op art only came in the large size. Why do they do that?? Anyway, I purchased the large, but after I got it home I found it too big for me. So, now I don't know if I should get the purple leather Sophia in the small with gold hardware or give up on the purple and get the camel op art with silver hardware. Any thoughts would be really appreciated!! I hope they will let me exchange for the PCE price too!
  2. While I prefer leather bags, I really think the purple op art with silver hardware is a prettier bag than the leather. Once it's loaded, it should change shape and look a little smaller. I know my large gathered black Sophia did.
  3. I say stay with the purple leather, as you had originally decided. The color is TDF, and you won't even notice the color of the hardware.
  4. It would be nice to see pics of what the Sophia looks like once broken in...could have a whole new look, and make the large just right
  5. I have the large croc and it has broken in beautifully!!!
  6. Wow, you all have good points! Now I am even more confused! Maybe the op art purple will come in a different bag in the future and I could get it then...I love purple, so I wouldn't mind having more than one...I am soooooo conflicted! I need to make a decision soon!
  7. Well, I had a hard decision to make tonight when I had to bring my dotted op art sophia back for some peeling on the handle..I don't usually buy leather, but I did tonight, and the hardware isn't a deal breaker for me..So I would say get the Purple in leather now and hope that Coach makes another bag in the dotted op art purple..I know its easier said than done;)I wish you good luck!:smile:
  8. I think there are lots of Coach bags already out/will be coming out in the future that are purple with silver hardware. Brass hardware is kind of a deal breaker with me too. If you really don't like the brass, I would wait for something better to come out.
  9. dawnqueenb69, I'm sorry you had to return your dotted op art I know you loved that bag. did you get the purple leather in the small size? I hope you love the leather one as much as you did the op art.
  10. Yes, I did love my dotted op art sophia!I'am just relieved that it happened now so I could still use my PCE. I opted for the Black leather with the brass hardware:smile:I just fell for the look...Like I said the leather sophia's and other styles were still in the back on 9/17 when I bought my dotted op art bag.If I had seen this leather, I probably wouldn't have bothered with the signature one.You just have to do what is right for you and what makes you happy;)
  11. OP - Give the small purple Sophia a shot. I usually do not buy bags with gold hardware but I bought the small black one and I love it. It's such a rich purple and the leather is tdf - I bet you will fall in love if you give it chance...
  12. ita!
  13. I love brass hardware esp the contrasting effect on the purple leather sophia. Purple/plum/berry coloured bags are always very sought after cos they are so pretty. So I say get the purple leather one. I think sophia in large size is way too wide in dimension....the small is just the right size.
  14. Dawn, did you take any pics of the peeling? I have a sophia, too, and just want to see what you are talking about. TIA
  15. IMO the purple leather was a little too purple for me esp with the brass hardware. I have the large sophia in mahogany and though it looked big on display, when I put all my stuff it in, it looks perfect. I never would have been able to fit everything into the small. I would wait another week and if you still aren't feeling the size you should take it back.