I am so Frustrated and Sad right now.. bad customer service

  1. I went shopping tonight to return my Bronze stripe baby bag.. I got my DH a belt and I decided to get the Heart earrings..


    Ok.. so I tell the SA I want the HEART earrings as well and she goes through the drawer and gets them and gives them to the cashier. No Problem right?

    I paid.. it did seem a little more money than I was expecting

    OK.. so I get home and I have these earrings..

    [​IMG] :wtf:

    and to top it all off I was charged for this NECKLACE!!!!!!!

    [​IMG] :cursing:

    WTH??? How the hell did this happen???? I could understand the wrong pair of earrings but to be charged for another whole kind of item.. I was even telling the SA ringing me up how happy I was to get the HEART EARRINGS!!!!!

    Another thing that really ticks me off is that I went to another Mall WAY far away so now I'm sure I will have to go back there and fix this whole mess... who is going to believe me when I try to take back a pair of $79 dollar earrings and get a refund of $138??????

    And to put an end to my sucky day.. I either lost.. or the SA never gave me the Chanel Mascara I bought today as well.. it was wasn't in the bag when I got home.. yeah.. like they are going to believe that they just didn't put it in there ( I got some cream too).. but I don't see how I could have lost it.. it was the last thing I bought and it was on my arm the whole time until I got in my car.. and I have searched my car and the grass and driveway outside. :crybaby:

    sorry for the rant girls but I have had a bad shopping experience today :sad:
  2. that stinks! you should give them a call first and let both stores now what happened. Maybe the SA forgot to put the mascara in your bag. It happens. I lost a bag of grapes and tomatoes from the publix to my home the other day so I can only imagine how frustrated you are right now!!!!!
  3. I know in the grand scheme of things this is no big deal, and I should have looked at my receipt and checked my bag at dillards.... I think I am pissed because both things happened at the same shopping trip and I might have to drive all they way over to the other store again.
  4. Tara..I am so sorry. That is terrible service. The SA didn't even listen to you about how excited you were about "Heart Earrings." Then to not get your mascara on top of everything else. Shopping should be fun and not stressful.
    Take back the earrings ask for the manager. I sorry the store isn't close but they owe you money and the right earrings! ((((hugs))))
  5. oh my! :wtf: That sucks! I don't blame you for being frustrated and sad. I would call both places tomorrow.. I am sure it can get straightened out quickly.. what a joke!!!!! :tdown:
  6. Oh, I am so sorry. I always check my items before I leave the store. My SA's are used to it; they may think I'm crazy, but mistakes happen. Even when I need the whole box and ribbon, I have to see the item - new and in its plastic if it is a bag - before they box it up!

    Give a call to the store where it happened and see if they can call the store closer to you to make the return/exchange easier. I wonder if the earrings had the necklace SKU on them, or how they scanned the wrong item. It's also scary how easy it is not to notice an extra $60 when you purchase a couple things, isn't it? It has happened to me at other stores, and I wonder how I could have missed an overcharge like that!
  7. I really don't understand how this happened. The right tag was with them in the box.. and I assume they scan that tag, right? Unless they were in a plastic bag.. and that had the wrong sticker on it or something.. I don't know.. I just hope they believe me. :sad:
  8. I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you get it resolved quickly and painlessly!

    Customer service seems to be lacking. I was at the store 2 weeks ago and even though the pond ergo was not in stock there, the 2 young SA's didn't even call around to other stores to find it for me. I found out later other stores had them in stock. Their loss.

    Today at the outlet, I realized the SA didn't give me my receipt and when I ran back in to get it, they had to dig in the trash for it. Why they didn't run outside to give it to me, I don't know. I was parked right there! Too busy gossiping, I guess!

    I spend my fair share at Coach. Stories like this just upset me.
  9. Oh, I am sorry to hear those things happened to you! ((Hug)) You probably don't think so but I really like those button coach earrings a lot!! They look so versatile and would go with everything. If it were me, I would go back and get the necklace you paid for already and have that darling set! Thats just my opinion, though. The hearts are very nice, too.
  10. So sorry this happened, Tara! I would get on the phone with both stores tomorrow.

    Its possible that the makeup counter may have realized that your mascara was left out of the bag, but didn't realize it until after you were gone and didn't have your contact information.

    And as far as the earrings go, how crappy! I think someone else complained of a similar issue with an order through JAX, they ordered one bag, but got another bag, and the invoice had a different bag than what was ordered and what was in the the package. I hope you can get this figured out! Maybe if you talk to the same SA that rung up the necklace, she will remember you. Just the fact that the receipt doesn't match what they gave you shows a mistake was made somewhere!
  11. I didn't go too far out of my way when I bought my mom the black and silver signature bangle for christmas..but I was still so irritated!

    I specifically told the first SA who has the little computer pad exactly what I wanted...then of course she relayed it to the computer and the counter SA relayed that to the back where they brought me my bracelet. I get home and thank god I unwrapped it (I had a weird feeling about it) it was an all silver one that was so plain...eh...So I drive back and btw I had to unwrap the gift job they did...so I walk in and say you gave me the wrong one....and she goes oh goodness we must yell at the people in back..like it was no big deal! And to top it off she doesn't rewrap it and asks me "do you still want this booklet" and im like uhhh YAH?? wtf....sorry I just think they are so rude sometimes.

    Sorry to hear about your issues though!! :sad:
  12. I'm so sorry sweetie, that's really awful!

    Be sure to speak with the manager there at the boutique. Explain your whole story. I'm sure they'll be reasonable. Good luck and keep us updated! :flowers:
  13. as for being rung up the wrong item, that happened to me, so I might be able to explain that for you. Their jewelry is all in a small book with UPC's that they scan. I was buying the snaphead ring which was $78 IIRC. She said my total was something like $198. I asked her how much the ring was again and she looked and realized that when she scanned the book, it picked up the wrong UPC. That might be how you were rung up for the necklace and the SA didn't notice.
  14. Omg I'm so sorry! I hope you get it all figured out! Keep us updated!
  15. I'm sorry, Tara, for your frustration. I hope you can get that resolved soon. That's happened to me many times, too, if I don't double check everything before leaving the store(s). Mistakes happen to all of us one time or another and hopefully the SA's will recall what happened with your purchases. I think what Peacocky said is true - I saw it happen a couple of times when I was purchasing Coach jewelry and they had their bar codes in a book so if they scanned the wrong bar code, they ring up the wrong price. Luckily, I paid close attention and questioned the price. Another time, luckily, the SA caught her own mistake by double checking the price. Anyhow, I hope you finally get your lovely heart earrings and your Chanel Mascara!