I am SO freakin' banned after todays outlet AND boutique spree!! OH MY!!!

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  1. You guys I have NEVER bought this much in one day:Push: First I went to my outlet and made a major score!:woohoo: There I bought my:
    Medium white pebbled ergo hobo
    Zebra slim envelope wallet
    watermelon charm
    cell lanyard
    AND got MY BUDDY a prize too!!
    Then I had planned going to my boutique for ONLY the tattersall ponytail scarf and ended up with:
    Yes the tattersal ponytail scarf for my khaki/pond tote that hasnt even arrived yet!
    legacy ponytail scarf for my new white ergo hobo
    The zip around tattersall wallet....to freakin' die for and looked so hot next to the med. magenta madeline (I've been dying for) I had to take her home too!! This is the best Birthday haul I have ever gotten myself into!!:yahoo:
    Heres some pics for ya!:woohoo:
    These are my outlet scores:tup:

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  2. Woo Hoo!!!
  3. The sunnies are is part of my outlet spree and a group shot:graucho:

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  4. Nice
  5. How much was the pebbled leather ergo hobo?

    I noticed that the ergos (pebbled and some patent stuff) was starting to come up on ebay.

    Did you happen to see if they had the matching wallets and how much?

    Which outlet did you score?

  6. That is a fantastic haul!!!

    Love it when the outlets have good stuff!!
  7. whew! Congrats on all the goods! I want some pics of the magenta madeline!
  8. Great purchases...

    I have said "I am SO freakin' banned after todays outlet AND boutique spree!! OH MY!!! " before too!
  9. And last but not least my boutique goodies!!

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  10. OOPS Forgot the ouside of my wallet:roflmfao:

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  11. MAJOR SCORE!!!!!Cngrats Kimmie!!! Everything is soo pretty!!!!
  12. great haul! which outlet did you get those sunnies at?
  13. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I'm sooooo jealous!!!!! That is one heck of a haul!!!!! I LOOOOVE everything....especially the MAGENTA MADELINE!!!! You got it!!!!! It's sooo pretty!!:love: Congrats!
  14. oh wow.. how much did you get the white hobo? Im dying to get one...
  15. The magenta Madeline and tattersall wallet look like they belong together!:heart:

    I also love the hobo and zebra wallet- great purchases!