I am so f**ed off

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  1. I was on let-trade's website earlier and noticed a black Suhali L'ingenieux PM. I've always wanted one of these and asked for the best price they could offer. Anyway, they get back to me promptly and the price is very reasonable so I send immediate payment for the item.

    Guess what, I was skimming through EBay and the bag I thought I'd paid for had been listed. Someone's just bought it with BIN. I contact let-trade to find out WTH is going on and have had no response since.

    Tell me I'm not over-reacting, I'm just so mad and no-one is getting back to me. I wanted the bag that's why I fri**ing paid for it. :censor:
  2. Remember there is time difference (they are in Honk Kong). When was the last time you spoke to them?
  3. Are you kidding? I would be crazy mad too..
  4. I understand your reaction I love the Ingenieux too! Let-trade will refund you your payment don't worry.
  5. maybe you are the BIN person? I'm a little confused.
  6. Whoah! I'd be pretty mad, too! How long after you sent payment was the item listed on Ebay? Maybe they have a lot of merchandise/e-mails and didn't see yours in time. I totally understand your frustration, though.
  7. OMG...i'd be freakin out too. Keep us updated!!!
  8. I forgot the time difference, thanks for reminding me, I'm in the UK.

    I spoke to them this afternoon. I paid almost as soon as they told me the price they'd accept. Even more annoying is the fact that they said the price was contingent on NOT trading though EBay to save fees.

    Is this their normal mode of conduct? Has this issue not arisen before, how can you co-ordinate a website and active EBay listings?
  9. I saw that auction, it's a wonderful bag + great price.
    You already paid? Then you should get the bag, as let-trade says on his site: "Item go by first pay first get basic, thx.".
  10. Are you getting the purse and are they removing the entry from eBay?
  11. I don't want the refund, I want the BAG :crybaby:
  12. Let trade is usually very good to deal with. I've purchased alot from them. They will find you another one (same condition) if you ask them. Just make sure they sell it to you for the price they agreed to.
  13. Well I paid this PM and saw the listing this evening. As soon as I saw it I sent an email to them, no response.

    I thought they'd get back to me and take the listing down but no. I'm losing it now, telling myself to take deep breaths.
  14. If you paid through their website and it shows they got the money through paypal i would send them an email. Requesting the reason for the bag being listed, if it wasnt on ebay whe nyou maide the purchase.

    Also like Irene said there is a big time difference, give it until tomorrow am and see if you have anything back from there (via email)

    here is the auction
  15. You need to calm down :flowers:
    I'm sure everything will turn out fine :yes: