I am SO excited, but... did I do the right thing?

  1. Talk about true love on V-day... I just bought a Lockit Vertical from eLuxury, and it arrived today!!! :yahoo: I have a few pre-loved LV pieces (a Zippe wallet, a Drouot, a Luco tote and a vintage Speedy 30), but this is my first brand-spanking-new LV bag, and I absolutely love it! Seeing her look so beautiful and perfect when I pulled her out of the dust cover, I wanted to take great care of her from the start, so I went right in an sprayed all of the leather with Apple leather protectant, and wiped the excess spray off of the mono. canvas with baby wipes. Did I do the right thing, or should I have just left well enough alone? I hope I didn't spray it down too early - what do you think? Thanks for your input, and Happy Valentines Day!!
  2. happy valentines to you!!! I love my brand new LV things!!! I love my pre-owned ones too, but the brand new ones are soooo exciting! I think you did fine with spraying; and I'm sure you're okay with the baby wipes, it's just that they are normally used to remove dirt and stains. So, you probably don't need them yet! I adore the Lockit Vertical, it's one of my favorite mono bags! Congrats to you!!!!
  3. Congrats, happy valentines day to you!!!
  4. congrats!!!
  5. Congrats!

    Yeah, that's fine that you sprayed. I sprayed my new Pop Haut as soon as I could! Did you get the conditioner too? Enjoy your new bag!
  6. congrats!! it's pic time!!!
  7. I wish they had apple spray in the Netherlands, because I would like to treat my Vachetta to slow the patina process. Does anybody know good spray's in Europe???
  8. Congrats! I always spray too :smile:

    Do they have kiwi?
  9. Yes, I am living in London and am looking for a good spray as well! Does someone know one? Congratulations to your new bag!
  10. I'm the same way! I spray mine with Shining Monkey before it ever goes out. :smile:
  11. Wow!!! Congrats and Happy V-Day!!! :heart:

    I personally don't know about the apple stuff since I never used it on my Cabas Piano. I was just really careful with it and the color is now a nice honey. I'm sure it will be fine, according to TPFers who do know!!! :yes:
  12. congrats and happy V-Day
  13. you absolutely did the right thing...I am such an enabler...I have and love my LH...welcome to the Lockit club...your in baby...congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats! Happy Valentine's Day!
  15. I think you did the right thing. I always treat the leather trim with a good leather food myself, both pre owned and new.Dont worry.:yes: