I am so excited about xmas.....surprises in store :)

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am soooo excited about Christmas. My mum was talking about Christmas earlier and I was about to tell her what I wanted when she told me that she had already got me two things from LV. I kept nagging her for hints and even though she didn't give much away, I am thinking she got me something Kusama (possibly the white speedy because I was talking about that for the longest time) and something vernis. She said she has to go back and get one or two more things :biggrin: I cannot wait for Christmas time!!!!!!

    What are you girls/guys hoping to get this Christmas? :smile:
  2. You are very lucky girl, my dh said i might get somthing!!!! Definetly wont be anything too flashy since we had our boys presents have been very understated.
  3. Aww that is very understandable. Other things must come before Louis Vuitton, the most important things :smile:

    I definitely am lucky but I don't take it for granted. I am so grateful to have all these nice bags at the age of 20. I do know that I will have them for life and can then pass them down to my own in the future :smile:

  4. I am hoping for a gift certificate :smile: I am contemplating many things... Keepall 55? Kitan tote? Mick GM? I just don't know what I want anymore... The list is never ending!
  5. You're a very lucky and blessed girl! :smile:
    I'm actually more excited to give gifts than I am of receiving. That's the really fun part to me! And I just had a baby so it'll be his first xmas. I'm gonna dress him up as a lil elf. :lol:
  6. Wow you are very lucky and what an amazing mum you have!:L my lovely boyfriend is getting me a mono neverfull, it will be my first lv and were going to London to buy it:smile: I can't wait to see everyone's reveals at Christmas were all going to be soooo excited!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  7. I so agree I love giving! Iv already bought a ps3 for my boyfriend for Christmas and can't wait to get a whole lot more! He's such a typical man, doesn't really do designer and expensive things:L aww I can't wait to dress my future babies up at holidays you have to show us a pic!:biggrin:
  8. The keepall 55 had been on my wishlist for the longest time lol. I know all too well about the never ending list :shucks:
  9. You will love the Neverfull. It really is one of the best bags I ever bought. I use mine for college, shopping and weekends away. It hasn't let me down once ;)
    Oooooh London, I love London :smile:
  10. Cuteness :heart: Congrats on your baby :smile: It must be so exciting to have a new edition in the family in time for Christmas :smile:
  11. Wow ypu have a very nice collection already, gosh and your only 20 i got my first lv at 19 by my bf now hubbie and its still in very good condition.
  12. Lol I will! I'm going to take advantage of dressing him up in all kinds of costumes before he gets old enough to take them off himself!
    Yess- my DH is the same type of guy. Very simple and would love some more gaming stuff or else car stuff. Glad he's one of the easier ones!
  13. I know I love it already!:L it's a bag you can use all the time and I think that's perfect for your first lv and isn't too expensive, good to ease you in:P) I know I love London too:smile: good luck to me buying it on the 2nd of December and then waiting til Christmas to actually get my hands properly on it!:L
  14. I would not be able to wait until Christmas knowing their is so many LVs ahead of me.. All i want for Xmas is the Azur Milla .. such a beauty
  15. I, too, love buying for others. My nephew loves Doc McStuffins, which is Disney for those of you who don't have kids lol. He's been begging for a doctor kit. So my hubby and I bought him a REAL working doctor kit and had his name embroidered on the white jacket. For my daughter, it is Christmas everyday lol. It's too hard to not buy stuff for little girls. I buy every Asian looking doll I find lol. You know you're growing up when you get excited about a new formal dining room table and a new bedroom set hahaha. We went mattress testing, and I was ecstatic! The life of a SAHM!!! But I am hoping to get a new pochette or cosmetic case or something small for Christmas. As much as I love new household items... a little brown bag from LV would also be nice!