I Am So Excited About My New Purchase!!!

  1. :yahoo: Yes, I should go to rehab for Bal addiction. But rehab is for quitters, and I am having too much fun to stop now!!! I set my alarm to get up for the end of this auction this morning, and to my elated surprise no one else bid. So I got this lovely bag for the starting bid. The seller sent me some wonderful photos of her in the sun, and she is in brand new condition. Of course I am already thinking about a beautiful braid for her, and I am shopping for pendants and charms to get for her. I will share photos when she arrives. If I don't sell my Teal bag though, my husband will murder me so I won't be able to post anything!
  2. Congrats, Deana!!! It's BEAUTIFUL! :yahoo:
  3. congrats!!

    it is TDF!
  4. Congrats.
  5. Beautiful! such a great purchase!
  6. :heart: yum! is that indigo??
  7. That colour is just..... *drools*........

    iI love how vibrant and rich it is! Plus i'tll go so perfectly with jeans :biggrin:

    YAY for Deana!
  8. hip, hip, hooray for Deana & her new blue city, it's gorgeous girl :yahoo:
  9. Wow, gorgeous indeed!
  10. Congrats Deana! It's absolutely stunning!! Enjoy.;)
  11. Your new bag is stunning..makes me want a blue city!!
  12. :drool: That color is gorgeous!
  13. :love: WOW - CONGRATS Deana :flowers: - very pretty :yes:
  14. OMG!!! Could that color be any more beautiful? I think I'd sleep with the bag it's that beautiful.;)
  15. ^^ lol :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: