I am so embarrassed!!!!

  1. After putting you ladies through all the decision making, excitement etc etc, I RETURNED my vert anis Karo clutch GM :sad: .

    It was just too 'slouchy' and the snaps were too fussy for me, so I am back to where I started needing a make up pouch, but with a zipper. Or I could just keep the store credit and put it towards a Birkin when my SA feels I 'deserve' one, although this little 'return' incident probably shot down my chances even more:crybaby:

    Did I do the right thing or should I have kept it just to keep my SA happy?
  2. You did the right thing. Believe me, keeping that Karo clutch may make your SA happy, but probably won't make him/her happy enough to give you major brownie points. Always make sure what you buy is what you love, otherwise the regret and stress of figuring out what to do with it will haunt you afterwards.:flowers:
  3. If you didn't love it, then you were right to return it. The GM is indeed slouchy and if you don't fill it (this applies to the PM but less so, since it's easier to fill), it'll sag.

    Your SA should not be a threatening factor for your Birkin. I am sure that if (s)he is a good SA, they won't hold it against you. A change of mind is possible and in my opinion (and my SAs'), if you don't love it or won't use it, don't take/keep it, whatever it is.
  4. I firmly believe that you should not buy something or keep something just to make your SA happy! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT SHOULD BE HAPPY! If you were not happy about the item, it is better that you returned it than keep it and be disappointed. Buying Hermes should be a wonderful experience, not extortion! And hopefully, you will find something that you fall in love with - as I am sure you will!
  5. You did the right thing Rose. If you keep something u dont LOVE, u wont use it and therefore, its just a waste of money.. i say keep the store credit for a birkin.. since they have ur money, you are little more secure on that list :smile:

    Dont feel bad at all!! You should be relieved!
  6. Thank you ladies, altleast you're not cross with me- thank you for the support, as always:heart:
  7. Rose, of course we are not cross with you! In the end, all that matters is that YOU are happy! And we are just here to support you no matter what you decide!
  8. Rose, have you seen the Garden Party trousse? While it does not have a zipper, it has a snap and looks kind of like if a Garden Party tote mated with a make-up bag! Very cute!!
  9. A lady has to do what a lady has to do! Don't worry.
  10. Besides if you just get a store credit, don't the SA's get to keep any commission anyway? Anyone know how this works at Hermes?
  11. Ditto!:flowers:
  12. Rose - I think it's great that you returned something that wasn't right for you! You'll get your Birkin someday... in the meantime, keep looking for the perfect little pouch for holding your makeup! :yes:
  13. You're a sweetheart, thank you:heart:
  14. No I have not seen it, will look into it when I dare go into Hermes next, Thanks for the tip:heart:
  15. I know your SA. I wouldn't worry, he's a professional.