i am so dumb :(....

  1. Ok, here is the thing, i had a post that said "Gasp i bought a speedy" and yes it came and it was beautiful and everything. But i found straches on the cherries that was not on the description. I wrote to a tpfer who i consider a friend and we messaged each other back and forth. but to my dispair i cannot keep it. i would just worry that it would get worse and there goes all my money. I am sad to be parting with it :crybaby: but i know that in the long run i will not regret what i did. It is just too much stress to deal with. Right now i have a really important test to study for and i just can't concentrate with that speedy in my mind. i know its stupid and i did spend a lot of time asking this forum for cerise speedy...SIGH. but i know that i made a good decision. because now i can buy the azur speedy or, damier or mono speedy without worry( since i wanted to get one after the cerise). so it is not a total loss. The seller is willing to give me back my money and i didn't have to pay a shipping fee back, probably only the fee i paid initially. so its not that bad i guess. i did ask for the shipping fee back...do you think i deserve it? because i ordered the bag thinking it was only the handles etc that was dirty no the cherries....
    i mean even though it wasn't that bad ( the scruffs on the cherries) i still can't get over the fact ya know? please say you understand!
  2. this isa known issue with the screen printed lv's. Be it the mc, panda, groom and cherry/cersies line.

    Perhaps it was that the seller didnt kow it was there. But i guess if you're going to try and save $$ and buy used its not going to be in perfect condition.
    If that is the issue you'll have to buy new and you're going to pay a high premium for that bag and have to get it off EBAY.

    Good luck!
  3. oh dear, pls don't be upset:sad: since you know that you wouldn't be enjoying it due the problem, i'm sure you know you are making the right decision since you understand yourself the best.
  4. I totally understand how you feel! Cerises rub-offs are the main thing that bothered me most! It's beyond repair. If it's the handles or piping, you can always use baby wipes or replace the entire thing.

    If you are still interested in getting a cerises speedy, Let-Trade has two at the moment, going for $999 and $1199. I didn't see any rub-offs on both. You can check them out. ;)
  5. ITA
  6. You are doing the right thing by returning it. If the scratches bother you now, then you will think of the scratched cherries every time you look at it instead of how beautiful it is.

    I think the seller should have disclosed that the cherries were scratched, that is a major part of the value IMO.
  7. ITA, if the seller didn't show the scratches then the seller has to pay the shipping back (of course if the seller stated a return policy) some sellers ask for a restocking fee, I think that let-trade ask for 15%.

    IMO you should pay the shipping back, did the seller never show or mention the rubbing off?
  8. Gurl,If you buy a second hand bag, don't expect to get a perfect one, for a "Premium" limited one you gotta pay the price hum hum :yes: You know what I'm saying?
  9. hello there:
    We will only charge 15% restocking fee when customer don't like the purse, sometime they think the purse not look good on them, you know something like this. If item is not as descripted , we always do full refund + shipping. Hope this help. :smile:
  10. also remember ask the condition of bag before you paid :smile:
  11. Thanks for the clarification. :flowers: Yea, I remembered some time ago, you guys refunded (full amount plus shipping) one of the PFers here on an LV bucket. That's very responsible and professional of you guys. ;)
  12. Thanks let-trade for the input. You guys do a great job and are fair in all my dealings with you. I appreciate your professionalism.:flowers:
  13. Sometimes the rubbings don't get noticed and it's an honest mistake. I bought mine and only found one rubbing, but it was after carrying it for 2 weeks. An untrained eye doesn't necessarily know to look for them.
  14. hugs sorry your dispointed but there will always be another bag to hold your love
  15. Don't feel dumb! Trust me, I've bought some bags that I probably should have been more careful with and paid more attention to. I had to do what I had to do--sell. You'll find your bag! Use this as an excuse to get a new one, hehe.