I am so dumb...I should have known better...

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  1. So ladies I had to come on here and vent about my mistake. I ordered a medium black leather zoe from the bay and got her today. She is lovely except the bag just is not going to work out for me I need a longer strap like on my large zoe, so I am going to have to exchange her with the gift receipt she was sent with. I am so sad :sad: I wanted her to work so badly...I am going to Woodbury Commons this weekend to see if I cant find a replacement or at least pick up some accessories with the credit. Have any of you ever purchased a bag site unseen and lived to regret it? Have any of you encountered problems returning items with gift receipt and tags on the bag? I have never had to return anything to Coach....
  2. I can feel your pain, I bought a new with tags red Coach shoulder bag I have no clue what come over me I thought I just had to have it at the time. I did end up returning back to Coach, they were great about it no problems at all
  3. I've bought a couple of bags on ebay that I regretted immediately, they weren't as described but thankfully in both cases, the sellers accepted them back and returned my money. In your case you could either return it with the gift receipt or turn around and re-sell it on ebay or Bonanzle.
  4. Hve you considered adding the extra dogleash clasp from either Wal-Mart or your local home improvement store to lengthen the strap???

    I even do that with my Lg. Zoe!!! I'm going to try and find a pic for ya but I may have lost them in my last PC crash.

  5. ^^^ ITA! You beat me to it! That's exactly what I was thinking

    If it's just a matter of the strap, you can fix it pretty easily.

    But if you're just not feeling it, find something you love!
  6. Ladies that is not a bad idea I may look at Walmart for clips and see if that will work, and if not then go to the outlet. Thanks for the pics! :yahoo:
  7. I am going through a really bad time with a seller right now that sold me a bag.. descrided as great condition and it turns out she draged it through the mud...
  8. I had a similar issue once. I bought a bag and it just wasn't me when I got it. It was a huge disappointment. I had been so excited to win it. I just used the gift receipt and exchanged it for something else.
  9. OMG I would be furious!
  10. That's absurd....I cannot believe someone would be so rude to post that for sale!
  11. I also got mine at home depot - they had several sizes and colors and they prices were not bad. I bought four I believe and they make a huge difference in the strap.
  12. I had to do the same thing a long time ago...and got screwed. I purchased a bag from the bay and paid $100 over outlet price! Whew it was hard to hear what the sales price was but oh well, that's the price I paid for not taking the time to go to the outlet myself. Now if I think there's a bag, accessory, etc. at the outlet, I go there vs. shopping for it on the bay.

    The only good thing that came out of that screwy deal was that when I went to the outlet, I found a Camel Gigi!!!!!!! :nuts:

    Good luck!!
  13. Aww ladies, sorry about your bad experiences. Hope everything works out.
  14. OP, I'd check to see how much the Gift Receipt you got with the bag is for. It's possible that you won't recoup all of your money you spent on it on the 'BAY when you return it... (if seller bought it at 50$ and you bought it for more you'll obviously lose the difference).
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