I am so disgusted!

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  1. It's silly to get worked up about it. (although it is REALLY frustrating)

    Some people are rude. Just because you have a $1000 purse doesn't give you a license to stomp all over everyone else's favorite brands. I stick to what I like, and I don't bash other brands.
  2. I actually think its kinda funny that they have nothing better to do. You know what they say, "Money doesn't buy class" and all that...
  3. Interesting. A couple of statements I must disagree with that were said in that thread is that the quality is inferior and that's why the bags end up in outlet stores. That's simply not true. Coach puts out new bags every 6 to 8 weeks, those that are not current are sent to outlet stores. Plus many bags found at outlets are exclusive to outlets. The outlet has nothing to do with the quality of the bag. All of my Coach bags are high quality. I've owned a couple of LV bags myself and found that they just weren't me. I prefer Coach. It has nothing to do with my income or my age. I just like Coach.

    But everyone of course has their own opinion!
  4. I have to admit, when I saw that thread just get started I thought :rolleyes:oh no, here we go!:sad:
    But as I read it, it didn't turn out to be a bashing thread to me:shrugs: I admit I haven't read every single comment though.
    Seems like people on some Forums post these threads once in a while, I think their in bad taste for sure, but they dump on all the brands they don't like, even Chanel.
    I live in a very affluent area and the women/Moms here are very glam IMO. Most are always fixed up and looking ready to lunch w/ the gals, almost every one of them carries a Coach.

    It's just ignorance when you read the comments you know not to be true, like the facory stores selling seconds or whatever.
  5. It is so completely relative. I know PLENTY of people who think LV has gone south and become tacky -- no longer rooted in luxury or history but completely commercialized. However, if you like LV, good for you. Plenty of people think Chanel is hideous, too. To each her own. There's room for all of us in this world.
  6. IMHO, price has nothing to do with a bag.
    If you like the style or the brand, then buy it. Some people aren't wealthy enough to own 10 bags from LV or Coach, etc. but they still own a lot of stylish, cute bags. No need to bash others.

    Agree with katielady: money most certainly does not buy class. In fact, the girls at my school who act the trashiest and romp around with their FAKE LV's are actually the "wealthiest" [​IMG]
  7. I like this quote from LIblue:

    Very well said.
  8. Actually I think LV's are fugly...just my opinion.
  9. I commented in that thread over in the LV board and I basically said that it's unfair for them to say what is a luxury brand and what isn't. Coach is a luxury brand to the people who love it and who maybe can't afford the multi-thousand dollar LV bags. And I love how some people were commenting on how the Coach "C"'s are so digusting and they are too overdone, has anyone in there looked at their bags? I personally think the LV monogram bags are really overdone and I don't like the original brown monogram. I do have one bag that is the brown monogram but I don't use and and only keep it because it was a gift from my father, so it has sentimental value. They shouldn't be so quick to insult Coach when LV does the same thing.
  10. Me too. I think Coach bags (for the most part) are much more attractive. But I certainly wouldn't wander onto the LV forum to say that :confused1:. I just buy Coach bags instead of LV.
    Why put down people that buy another brand :confused1:
  11. Thank you Maja!! I thought the exact same thing.
  12. Everyone has different tastes. I don't exclusively carry one brand of handbag, but it just so happens that I like the styles that Coach puts out. I don't carry the signature prints of anything because I'm not into the advertisement of a brand name, but to each their own. I enjoy anything that makes ME feel fashionable. If a D&B/LV/Coach/Gucci/Fendi/Prada/Guess/Balenciaga/No Name bag makes you feel fashionable, then more power to ya! :tup:
  13. i like my lv, i like my coach. mix and match
  14. I love all of my bags and do have an LV but I must admit I paid alot of money for canvas coated vinyl! Enough said...enjoy your Coach! One of my favorites is a suede bead tote from 3 years ago that looks brand new!
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