I Am So Disappointed!

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  1. My galliera mono gm was sent in for repair after being away from it for almost a month since the rings were causing terrible black marks after just two weeks. *I picked it up today and my bag still have black marks where rings are rubbed against the leather. *They didn't even replace the new rings for me except cleaning it. *The SA told me that the plastic shield on the new rings can only be found on the galliera pm not gm. Is that true??? It doesn't even make sense! *I am so disappointed and aggravated. *Anyone having this problem, what should I do next? *
  2. Something similar happened to me on my PM actually. So I printed every thread here and highlighted all the problems with the galliera's and positive results others here at TPF have had. I then took a folder full of this info to the operations manager at my vuitton. Then I email her the pics of the new rings I found here on TPF. She is totally on my side and is making sure that I get my bag back with the new rings, with the plastic and in pristine condition per her email.

    Also, I have been told the have some onsite repair capabilities and they keep the new rings available. So they should have access to them. I suggest only dealing with the Operations Manager going forward.
  3. ^Maybe you can try putting the plastic shield on the rings yourself? Seems such a bother to even rely on LV to do something about the rings. There's a thread about it at the FAQ section. I might try doing this myself too.
  4. I was told that they do have the new rings if I wanted to replace it but only the galliera pm rings have those plastic shields! So what's the point of replacing it? I want store credit at this point because I am so sick and tired of going back and forth!
  5. Thanks! For a bag that cost almost $1600 I shouldn't have to put anything in myself!
  6. It does not make sense that they would not fix the GM rings too. I don't understand them! I would not go away, don't give up. I know it's frustrating but they need to make it right.
  7. I'm in the same boat as you!! I picked up my Mono Galliera PM on Wednesday and they did NOT put the new rings on! To be honest, I don't even know if they did anything to my bag at all. I was very disappointed and I really wanted to ***** and moan, but the SA was a different one and she was very sympathetic. She hadn't heard of the plastic inserts (none of the other SA's had either).
    What was really weird though is that there were white eraser shavings all over my bag - I think they tried to erase the black marks from the strap to make it look better so they wouldn't have to replace the strap.

    I mentioned to the SA I had wanted a new strap but the last SA
    "couldn't find" the price on the price list and I didn't want to make a stink about it---so I settled for the ring replacement. And the SA had promised me the repair people would inspect my bag and most likely replace the strap anyway since it was soooo black. (Boy was she wrong!!)
    THere also isn't an Operations Manager at this boutique , only a "Shoe" manager? and she was the one who handled my bag when I dropped it off.
    Well, there was nothing I could do except take my bag back but the SA said there will be a repair person at the boutique on Oct. 14th and I should bring it back in then. In the meatime, I'm going to use my bag and hope it gets more black marks;)

    I was so disappointed leaving the boutique, I wandered over to Gucci to scope out my next bag there.
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    It gets better when one of the SA told me that the new rings on my bag do have the new plastic shields but you just can't see or feel it! What kind of bull**** is that?!
    I guess we're in very similar situation. When I picked up my bag, I knew that they didn't even replaced the rings. My bag looks just like when I took it in for repair. They offered to clean it for me yesterday but within less than 24 hours of wear, those nasty black marks came back worst than ever. I bought a very expensive back to enjoy, not sending back and forth to repair. I think I'm pretty much done with LV. My next purchase will be Gucci as well.