I am so depressed!

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  1. My husband and I spent the weekend in NYC. While I got some nice makeup (some of which may have to get returned...not working for me), and had some great meals, the shopping was pretty bad. There is such a limited selection for plus size girls outside of just basic plus size chains (lane bryant and avenue). The selection at Bloomingdales and Macy's was pathetically small, and dowdy looking. Not to mention the stares and laughs (to my face even) I got when I went to Barneys and Bergdorfs, etc., even in the makeup areas. I know we stuck out like sore thumbs there, and my husband's jacket didn't help (it seriously needs to be burned. but whatever). But I really felt like I was back in LA, where everyone is tiny and perfect.

    I will say my favorite experience was with Matthew at the Giorgio Armani counter at Bloomingdales on 59th/Lexington. He was swell. I wish I could make these products work for me.

    But in one store the sales wench actually asked me if my wedding rings were real. I guess I really looked like a hillbilly or something.
  2. Man....that SUCKS!!!!! I am so sorry that your shopping experiene was bad. Screw anybody that feels like they have the right to look down on someone else.
  3. There is NO excuse for people that act that way. They are sale's associates! They NEED buisness, and they shouldn't have acted like that. I would contact the Mangager of the stores with people who gave you trouble, or go strait to headquarters.
  4. I am considering it. I really felt like I was back in LA and reliving my whole Fred Segal disaster. I did have a decent bra experience with BraSmyth on Madison, though that in and of itself was a little depressing lol. No one wants THAT number.
  5. Fred Segal just has a bad adittude and bad CS. No matter who you are or what you look like. I've never been to a store but I tried to order with them and get some information on one of the products they were selling..... disaster. You'd think they'd want buisness.
  6. I just remember the Pretty woman scene where she says to the snobby sales lady "Big mistake, Huge mistake"...Revenge is so sweet...
  7. I am so sorry, I hope you still enjoyed your week end despite the terrible shopping experience. I would also make a few phone calls...They need to know.
    Don´t worry I have felt that exact same way several times in Paris.

  8. Exactly. or hopefully karma.
  9. That's just awful. Your money is just as green as everyone elses! All people deserve the same treatment, that should be lesson 101 for employees.
  10. That's terrible - I'm sorry you were treated that way. Very rude and tacky behavior.
  11. I'll never understand why people are so rude. Serioulsy! And I am sorry you had a bad experience!
  12. I am sorry you had such a bad experience. I hope you don't let these self important associates get your depressed. I 150% support the idea to write to each of these companies, both the manager of the store you were at and corporate.
  13. omg that is terrible!! i'm so sorry you had to deal with such rude SAs.
  14. oh i am so sorry you experience in NYC was not pleasant.
    i admit ppl here in NYC are bit rude and stuck up (morning commute is brutal).....but don't let them ruin your days. if next time ppl gave you attitude, just tell them they only work there, they don't own the store. i usually just let it go unless i was going to buy something. ppl at barneys are actually better than ppl at saks and BG....
    feel better :hugs:
  15. wow im sorry that happened to you. dont let *******s like that get to you.
    ive gone shopping at high end stores where SAs ignore me cz i dress so scrubby. it does sting but dont take it personally cz they dont know you and you shouldn't let people like that dictate how you feel. hope you feel better.