i am so depressed

  1. i almost had a blue constance. almost. lost it by practically nothing. i wanted that bag so badly. lost my indigo kelly. i am so not destined to have a hermes bag.

    sigh. hold me.
  2. Oh Heather, no - what happened? I am so sorry and sending you hugs across the Atlantic from London.
  3. :heart::heart::heart::heart: HUGS, lots of them.

    Is the indigo massai still a possibility?
  4. and your SO....
  5. yes but the SO is not for a year. i have been craving a hermes bag in the WORST way. i don't know why. just one, one little bag. sigh.

    lost in an auction. so sad....
  6. massai?
  7. You and me both sister...we could drown our sorrows in booze and cheap women...
  8. I'm so sorry, H.

    Your bag is out there. It really is. It's just waiting for you. All the stars will align, and before you know it, everything will fall perfectly into place. You're too special for it not to happen. :flowers:
  9. aw thanks gga. love you!

    lmao qm. seriously. you bring the women. i'll bring the reunite.
  10. I know just how you feel. I got blindsided, and I've had a hard time remembering that it was a person who did this, not the whole brand. You'll get a beautiful bag. I'm sending you positive thoughts.
  11. thank you all. i never did think i really wanted a bag and now gosh darn it i do!!! and i want it YESTERDAY! lol
  12. Well, I knew nothing about this auction..... I am joining you and QM...
  13. did you miss the call from Hermes? how did you lose it?
  14. If you want a bag and want it today...Constance, is that what you are looking for? There is at least one on eBay listed this morning. There was one at The Snob Online, I think, but it stressed the vintage aspect of it, so maybe not. But you were also looking at Kelly, right? There are several of those at LZ, how about that?
  15. what exactly happened?