I am so depressed, please help!

  1. I just decided to change my wallet for the holidays and took out my LV red vernis from the drawer where it's been sitting for over a year...and it has 3 pen marks on the back!!! I feel like crying. Does anybody have any idea as to how to clean vernis please? Please help, I am soooo upset...Thank you.
  2. Poor you! what sort of marks?
    if they are like pen marks and only on the surface, u can use non-acetone nail polish remover on q-tips and gently dab them away.
  3. They are like a few cm.s long marks. I will try the non-acetone npr, thank you very much, I really hope it works. Would it damage the colour?
  4. hi ebruo~ i have the same problem :crybaby: my pearle reade was sitting in its dustbag for a while and a couple of weeks ago when i decided to use it~ i noticed a faint pen mark about 5cm long! i was soooooo upset~ and since its vernis i have no idea how to get it off~ i will give Gelare's suggestion a go too and hope it will do the job without damaging the "shine"~
  5. I think some of the ladies here use the mr clean magic eraser!
  6. yeah, i owuld try that first before putting anything on it.

    and if you try the nailpolish remover, try it out first on a spot you don't recognize so much, cause IF it should harm the vernis, i'd rather have it in a hard-to-see coner instead of right in the middle...

    good luck!!!
  7. aww that sucks! I hope you can get it out. How did you both get pen marks when it was inside the dust bag???? is it some sort of defect?
  8. I am second to that
  9. Well, one out of the three happened when I was using it last year (I haven't left any pens without caps in my bag, I still maintain it may have been a jealousy scratch!), the other two, I have no idea!!! It is like a mystery and a very depressing one at that.

    I live in the UK, I don't think we have this Mr Clean product here. Darn...
  10. I would not use Magic Eraser on Vernis or any patent leather for that matter, ME will remove the top shiny coating on the vernis leaving a dull spot and ruining your piece. Try 90% alcohol.
  11. You realize you replied to a thread that's 8 years old, right? :huh:
  12. Still, the reply may help people who found this thread via a search.
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  13. no, the forums had this thread at the top. I did not look at the date. LOL and the forums since the change are really messing with my computer. Can not stay logged into them as I keep crashing out. so difficult to check anything. LOL