I am so deeply in love! My first RM! Morning after mini (wine) PICS included!

  1. I first discovered Rebecca Minkoff through Purseblog and began lurking the boards as people started lusting over these bags, I finally decided to take the plunge and boy do I not regret it one bit! I originally went to the one store in Toronto (Augustina, in Yorkville) to see these bags in real life and the leather is just to die for! The problem is their selection was too tiny and I really wanted a reddish colour so I began investigating online. I found this morning after mini in wine from www.funkylala.com and placed an order. I paid retail $550 (came to about $566 CND after conversion) and waited with anticipation. About a week later, it arrived on my doorstep. I was so excited my heart stopped.

    This leather is amazing - it smells and feels wonderful! I love how the bag is so soft and smooshy. I love leather bags! Even my mom and boyfriend think it's amazing quality....

    The size is also PERFECT for me. I'm 5" 6 and I found the morning after bag too large. I'm not normally a girl that loves large bags and I doubt I would ever buy a bag bigger than this. It fits A LOT already.

    Here are some modelling pics - I already got compliments on it at a dinner party I went last night!

    Wonder what my next Rebecca Minkoff should be.....


  2. Ohhhh I love it!!!! Great choice! That red is TDF!
  3. Wow!! That is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Congrats!! I'm so glad you love her. Go out tonight and take her with you! :yahoo:
  4. what a gorgeous red! it looks great with your black coat, congrats!
  5. Beautiful, congrats!
  6. You and the bag are both lovely! That wine is such a gorgeous color, I can see why everyone's nuts about it. Congrats!!
  7. Absolutely STUNING!!!! Thanks for posting the pictures.

    I cannot wait to get mine!
  8. WHOA! Thats gorgeous! How come it looks better than mine? LOL. Congratulations on your new bag; it is a really versatile color that will work beautifully with so many different kinds of outfits and colors!
  9. It's gorgeous!!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  10. gorgeous bag! :smile:

  11. Was this your first RM bag!? If it was, WOW, what a first bag to get, KWIM? What's on your agenda next in regard to RM bags?
  12. Congrats on great RM bag - that wine is quite a stunning color!
  13. Thanks for the compliments guys - I absolutely adore it! :smile: Can't wait to go out and show her off some more!

    Yeah, this was my first RM, will look into getting something else once Spring hits I think! I wanna enjoy my time with her before I make another RM purchase....
  14. The wine looks gorgeous on you. Congrats!
  15. Super beautiful bag and you totally rock it!!