I am so creeped out right now... preowned reissue

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  1. Oh no - this needs to go back!! I would be completely grossed out too :sad:
  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you. This is not how consignment store should do business. They need to check every inch of the product and describe it accurately. I hope it’s a one time mistake and not how they normally do business, and hopefully theRealReal will clean it well before they try to sell it to another person.
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  3. Ewwww, so sorry this happened to you! I hope it doesn’t sour you from Reissues in general and I hope you get a positive resolution.
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  4. I ordered a bag from Real Real and ended up sending it back yesterday bc it smelt! Like cheap house cleaner?! I couldn’t get over it! And it had a Bobby pin in one of the pockets? Grossed me out
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  5. Gross! But also... the lack of inspection would have me questioning their authentication process.
  6. Exactly!!! Their customer service is amazing though. But it did have me wondering!
  7. I don’t understand! I am a longtime customer and it seems like maybe they are just understaffed? I wonder if this is happening to a lot of people. It’s very unfortunate.
  8. Is this from The Real Real?

    That is so disgusting. You should return it and then after send your predicament to Diet Prada on Instagram (@dietprada) - they have been exposing a lot of The Real Real’s dirty deeds there.
  9. This is just.... I cant L:biggrin: I am laughing!!

    all the stories that are possible explanations are playing out in my head: Maybe its a mum who once was out and about with her child when a tooth fell out. If that was the case and she wanted to put it somewhere safe, it would defo need to be in a tissue O_o OR the kid wanted its mummy to have a lucky charm and said " mummy, take this!" :biggrin: and I mean, its so tiny, where the heck would you put that - maybe in your coin purse or - well - the tiniest pocket of your bag. OR just imagine thats a painkiller because the poor kids whose tooth fell out was in pain and then they realised noppppeee thats way too much ibuprofen for a kid, ****, we already unpackaged it, ah well, ill pop it in my bag n throw it away when I get home. Well, and then she forgot.


    I must admit I have pills in various bags sometimes - I get bad migraine a lot but am the most difficult when it comes to swallowing pills. I - very rarely - take a pill out of a blister, and then realise I have nothing to chuck it down with (a piece of rbead, banana, whatnot) and then throw it back in my bag and give up. thats with cheap bags though and I throw the thing away once I am home - I dont think i would ever do that with a chanel. but different ppl, different standards? Or, the most annoying thing: I try to open the medication discreetly half inside my handbag and then drop it inside of the bag and it gets lost in between sheets or my calendar and vanishes into no-mans-land. Only to be found after a vigorous search days later.
    whatever the stories may be: if the wear and tear is bad and not what u expected, complain and return!im sure theres a bag out there for you without a tooth and medicine :P
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  10. I’m so sorry, but I think I’m too speechless to comment:wtf:Sorry this happened to you!:flowers:
  11. Yes, it is from theRealReal
  12. omg! this is super creepy. I would definitely reach out to them and see if they will process a full refund. I think it is very likely since the bag isn't in the condition that you expected and came with added bonuses that you did not want :amazed:
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  13. I would return this no questions asked! Just for hygienic reasons alone! Not to mention, the RealReal obviously didn’t look into pockets or crevices of the bag, so def can’t trust them to be thorough with their checks or condition descriptions!
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  14. Update: I received a follow up email apologizing for the circumstances. They are allowing a return for full refund (including shipping) along with a site credit. I appreciate it; I will most likely shop there again because I am a longtime customer and this is the only real problem (albeit a big one) that I have had with them. If nothing else, this definitely makes for an entertaining story (my husband finds the whole thing hilarious)!
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  15. This is gross. My mind is boggled as to HOW this passed INSPECTION??!! I would think someone at authentication would have caught this for authenticity verification, inspection, and shipment!!! I have a pet peeve about used bags. If it's dirty or has hair... I get grossed out. I feel these resellers should clean up bags ( to the best of their ability) before shipping to the customer.
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