I am so creeped out right now... preowned reissue

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  1. Ok- so maybe I’m over reacting, but I just found a pill and a TOOTH (yes, like a human tooth!) in the pocket of my just delivered reissue...

    I purchased a preowned (what I thought was a 224) reissue. I opened the box and was initially surprised because A) it was listed as a 224, it is clearly 225, which is fine, I should have looked over the measurements. Whatever. It is very obviously metallic, which was not in description or evident in the listing details or photos. Then as I am looking for the hologram date code (where is this located on the reissues btw, I can’t seem to find it?) I find a pill and a tooth in the pocket!! Do they even check? What the heck?????
  2. Listing:
  3. Description:
  4. I am so disappointed. The corners are really scuffed. Like white marks. I thought it was flash or shine on the leather in pics. But the tooth thing just really kindof soured the experience. I buy preowned a lot, and I am pretty flexible- I don’t have unrealistic expectations. But this is a bummer :sad:...
  5. O. M. G. I'm sorry this happened...I don't know what I would do.. Hopefully it was a mom who owned the bag and it's a kids tooth.. But still
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  6. More tooth shots
  7. It is tiny - definitely possible that it is a kiddo tooth
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  8. Omg! Whose tooth is that? What pill is that? What happened to this bag?
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  9. It looks like a kid's tooth and the bag-owner was probably a sentimental loving mum :smile: You are understandably unsettled upon initial discovery but I think it's kind of sweet of the lady to want to keep her child's tooth (she's prob wondering where it's gone to...)
  10. Ok, this is definitely up there in the Real Real gross out stories. Lol. If you don't want the bag I think you have a case for returning it. :P
  11. So creepy... if someone just threw a tooth and unpackaged pill into their purse then god knows what else has been in there. This is literally the one reason I never buy preloved, I’m superstitious and that picture actually sent shivers down my spine. Beyond the hygiene aspect it just feels so cursed. I would try to get it out of your home asap if I were you :sad:
  12. Looks like a child’s tooth to me as well. Whatever it may be, it’s super gross and the seller should have inspected and cleaned the bag before listing it.
    I’d return it. Not just because of the tooth, but mainly because it doesn’t match the description and the tooth would give me an extra reason to send this back...
  13. Haha you guys are probably right! I’m sure it was probably a mom that was carrying around her kid’s tooth, which I get (kinda). But it definitely killed the excitement.
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  14. Oh my, this is all so mind boggling! I’m so sorry it happens to you! Granted it is a child’s tooth... it should hav been wrapped in tissue at e very least. So should that pill :amazed:

    But beyond the hygiene issue, is this from a consignment store? Or direct with seller? I’d be more worried of its origin and credibility. They got description wrong n they never checked the bag... what else can be off?! :doh:.
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  15. It is from theRealReal. I see the date code now. I am not doubting authenticity, but description was grossly inaccurate.