i am SO cranky!

  1. i live in a century old house. it's bound to have it's issues. like the roof that's been leaking off and on for 2 years. whatever. i live in the top floor, and there's an older couple on the second, i've never been in their home, i have no idea how they keep their home, but i'd like to think my place is clean. maybe a little cluttered, but certainly clean. last summer, my house had a huge carpenter ant problem.terminex was called MULTIPLE times. the couple was never home when the terminex guy was here, so he can only get to part of the problem. ok, i can understand it in the summer. i woke up to ants EVERYWHERE this morning. it's only april. i'm so repulsed. clean your f****ing house, and let the stupid exterminator in. i shouldn't have to live with bugs in my poor cat's food, because you can't be bothered to act like human beings. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. did i mention i hate calling people like the terminex guy, it goes against how i like to live my life. it's just not who i am. but i also can't have the ants chewing the house apart. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  2. poor organic.......i haaaaaaaate ants......disgusting little creatures and it does suck how they've started appearing already....i've seen a few in my home as well bu an ant infestation :sick:........

    have you spoken to the people below you about the ant problem?
  3. oh that is awful! I totally feel for you! Maybe you can talk to your neighbors and you can collectively work together to solve this problem! Big hugs- I know this must be frustrating!
  4. i actually try not to talk to them about ANYTHING having to do with the house. i like them very much as people, they are very sweet, almost grandparent like, but here's the clincher, my father is the owner of this house, he also occupies the first floor as his office. any time i discuss anything having to do with upkeep of the building, i start to become a liason in between them and him, and i don't care for it, nor do i feel it's my business. so i try to keep that to as little as possible, if none at all. the terminex guy is coming saturday, but today is wednesday. that seems eternal in bug days. i'm hardly an incompetent woman, but certain situations certainly can make you feel that way.
  5. Did yall have a sit down about the problem ??
  6. maybe u need to get ur dad to talk to them
  7. no. i've had screaming phone calls to my father. which i would essentially do with anyone who was my landlord in this situation, because i started seeing ants again this past sunday, and i had asked him to call monday, and he couldn't be bothered to.
  8. he's incredibly passive aggressive. as long as the problem is taken care of, i don't really care right now.