I am so confused!

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    On the Burberry website, they have these Check Slippers that are super cute. I want to get them, but I have two questions, and I am wondering if you can help me out. ​

    Burberry - CHECK SLIPPERS

    1. Can they be worn as flats?

    2. I wear a size 7, which is 37 in European. When I click 'Size,' it only says Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. What would a 37 be? Small or medium?​
  2. Those look great- but I think they are dedicated house/travel slippers. I can't exactly tell, but the bottom is probably fabric or a delicate leather that would get thrashed if worn outside. I think a size 37 would be a medium?
  3. the bottoms are suede, if you wore them off the carpet they'd ruin quickly I'm afraid.
    I'd guess a 6-7 = SM
    8-9 = MED
  4. Okay, I'll just look at the flats, then. Thank you!