I am so confused..yes or no on the price increase

  1. next month?? Sorry to sound like such a ding a ling but I have read so many different posts..and I can't figure out if there will be one or not!! TIA for your help
  2. From my knowledge, I know it's coming. I'm just gonna sit back and watch the damage... it's not gonna stop me from buying LV! :nuts:
  3. I asked my SA and she thought it might happen in March but it seems natural for LV to have a price increase in Feb. just before Valentine's Day. Like John 5 said: "it's not gonna stop me from buying LV!"

    There always seems to be a rush of customers just before the price hike!
  4. Oh gosh! Not again! :sad: They need to let my CC cool down abit :p
  5. I hate it but it won't stop me from buying LV continuously. :push:

    Ohhh... how I hate you LV but I sooooo love you too my dear LV!!! :love:
  6. recently i've been hving this feeling.............................................to switch from LV to another brand........

    but i love LV....well, i love damier...

    why..do ...i think....this way? :shrugs:

  7. Snap out of it!!! :smile: You know you can never leave LV!!!
  8. I'll help:


  9. ^^^^ :lol: yes, LV is so beautiful :love: :love: :love:
  10. I think about leaving the love of LV too sometimes, but I usually just have a cooling off period after price hikes, or head to eBay :graucho:

    :borg: You'll always be one of us (the lv loving posse) :borg1:
  11. Again? That´s weird.
  12. Hopefully that will be teh last one for this year, but heck I doub it! I bet there will be another in like 5 months or so! I will always love LV.
  13. ok ok..my bank account will hate u...:crybaby:

  14. my bank account to John --> :smash::noggin::lecture:

    alright alright..im back... :rolleyes:

  15. they will...they will...