I am so confused, shipping query...

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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if you could help me with a shipping query?

    I bought a bag from a website on 20/09/2010, they ship via UPS

    They are based in Athens, Greece so that is where it was shipping from, i am based in the UK

    I have a tracking number so have been tracking online, they shipped out to me on 21/09/2010

    The tracking details are as follows:
    BOLOGNA, IT 23/09/201016:00 ARRIVAL SCAN
    KOROPI, ATHENS, GR 21/09/201019:34 ORIGIN SCAN
    So my question is: Why has something that is coming from Greece to the UK ended up in Italy? I am really confused here. I know there may be a simple explanation but i have never bought anything from Greece before so i am unsure as to the journey that the package will take,

    Thanks in advance all :biggrin:
  2. my guess it is got routed to Italy by mistake by the postal service. Do not worry yet, give it a day or two to see if it leaves Italy if not have the seller put a trace on the package.

    I once sent a package from the US to South Korea and it went to South Africa first
  3. UPS has major hubs throughout the world- this one could be one of those before it routes to other countries.
  4. This is all true ^
    ALSO I ordered something once and it showed the item had been delivered to someone elses address! I called to get to the bottom of it and apparently UPS reuses tracking numbers and apparently mine hadn't been updated when they reused it. My item did arrive and everything was okay.
  5. this is normal. i had been with shipping company. depending on what you bought, the shipping routine could be different
  6. New events:
    HERNE-BOERNIG, DE 25/09/2010 0:25 ARRIVAL SCAN
    NURNBERG, DE 24/09/2010 18:33 DEPARTURE SCAN
    24/09/2010 18:18 ARRIVAL SCAN
    MILANO, IT 24/09/2010 6:15 DEPARTURE SCAN
    24/09/2010 5:00 ARRIVAL SCAN
    BOLOGNA, IT 24/09/2010 2:10 DEPARTURE SCAN