I am so confused!! Please help me!!!

  1. Ok,

    So I went to Barneys yesterday in hopes of finding my very first BBAG!! The SA was very poite and nice, however she confused me extremely when it came to the different bags! She kept saying that a bag that to me resembled a mid afternoon was a work, then she kept saying that a color that seemed to me like the Cafe was a med brown. Also I was confused about a LARGE bag that resembled a part time but with no strap, she said it was a med city and I know that the city was another bag she had that was much smaller, she said that it was a city too from a different season??? The size was very different MUCH larger. I didn't like the leather on any of the bags they had, one was so dry it felt crunchy to the touch!! OMG. Disaster. I told her to try and find me that med brown (that looked a bit like marron but not quite) and give me a call. I am heartbroken! What do you make out of all these bags? I know the work usually looks like the city only larger, I have read atelier's blog back and forth and I think she was wrong. She also said The color truffle wasn't in this season!! Help! And Sorry about the long story.

  2. i trust LP's site more than SA's. :p
    i know this from experience LOL
    some SA's have not many knowledge about balenciaga than some of us in this forum :p

    when u want a certain brown, just tell her to get the one with the silver tag code u got at LP's site and the code on the paper tag.

    ex. :
    if u want cafe or truffle, u ask for the one with the silver tag that ended with V
    and the paper tag says 2007 1
    ask for the lighter or the darker depends on what u want.

    g luck!
  3. I agree with sea - ateliernaff is PRICELESS!! I don't know what I would have done without it!! :yes:

    I too got frustrated with trying to tell SAs at places like NM, etc what I wanted to order, then them confusing me & visa versa.... and it just became such a hassle... I have started to only get bags that I can clearly get all of the information from concisely.... So for me, that has turned into ordering straight from BalNY, where they will know what the heck style I am asking about, or when looking at pre-owned bags, only ordering from trusted sellers that are willing to give me all of the information & pictures I want... If I can't have a pre-owned bag authenticated with the information provided... I simply don't buy. (Obviously there are still a few risks there, but hopefully decreasing the chances...)

    Maybe write down the style numbers next to names, along with color codes, year codes, etc... so that next time you go in, you can just ask for the tags and will have all of the information written down - so nothing for you to forget.... ;)
  4. oh you poor thing! LP's info is definitely more accurate. How about if you try another SA? He/she may or may not be better informed, but I think it definitely beats sticking to this SA?
  5. u know what could be funny? :roflmfao:
    u should print the infos on LP's site and bring it to her, and point directly which style, which tags, which colour u want LOL

    i love to see her face gasps when she saw LP's bible :roflmfao:
  6. Well, normally Department Store SAs are not given the "official" name for the color of the season. They go by what their store calls it.

    Neiman Marcus kept referring to Camel as Teak but the official color is Camel. And Barneys call French Blue as Teal, Grass Green as Kelly Green and so on.

    So just pick the color that YOU LIKE/WANT and don't let the difference in color names bother you.

    Does your local Barneys have a Balenciaga specialist? It helps when you work with someone who specializes with that particular designer since they are more aware of the styles, colors, and whatever their store bought for the particular season.
  7. Lol! I actually pulled this off myself! I was at Neiman Marcus last Fall and asking them if they are getting any GH and they looked at me like I was crazy. So I printed the photos to show them and they all looked shocked!


  8. :roflmfao: nice work ha ha ha...
    i was also looking at the new b bags last year and i found nothing in the leather that i like because they're all thinner leather, i say i'm looking for thicker one like from the '04 and she said, noooo... it's been done like this since balenciaga first poduced them.

    i feel like taking my eggplant and slam it down next to the ones on the showcase, unfortunately, i was taking my marni LOL
    and i forget faces easily, so no chance for me to go back the next day ha ha ha
  9. from my experience, SAs job seems to be to confuse a bbag girl more!!! I'd really only trust an SA for BALNY, as we all know that SAs at neiman's/barney's/etc. are hardly experts when it comes to balenciaga.

    I'd refer to LP's blogspot as a true reference. HTH!! :idea: