I Am So Blue

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  1. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have been hunting for a second Birkin. I want a bag that is similar to my Kelly. Courcheval, epsom, togo, or clemence leather is a must. I need to be able to take it anywhere. Blue has been on my mind for a long time. I am thinking about purchasing a prelove BJ Birkin, but I'm having second thoughts. After researching BJ, I don't feel that it is a year round bag. I have a biscuit Birkin and a rouge vif Kelly bag. Both are year round bags IMO. What do you think? Can BJ weather all four seasons?
  2. I think BJ is seasonless really, I mean, one of my friends has a Jeans Moyen Chloe Paddington she carries all year - in summer with white and other light colours and in winter with beiges and browns, and it always looks great :yes:
  3. I would consider blue brighton also. I like BJ, it is a really cool colour, but there are a few more blues that could also be consider timeless.
  4. ^I think the new blue (is it ciel?) might be more timeless than the BJ IMO
  5. Ciel and BJ are both very nice but I tend to like mid-range blues. Is BdP too dark for you? I personally think it's a little on the dark side in togo/clemence but BdP in swift is gorgeous!! I love bleu brighton too (my kelly in my signature) but it's discontinued...so you can maybe special order it? Here is Madam Bijoux's BdP swift birkin...GORGEOUS!!! :nuts:

  6. Blue de Prusse gets my vote. It is blue but very neutral. I'd try that one too.
  7. I'm the wrong person to give advice as I don't like the blue jean color- it's too pale and girly for me and I wouldn't know how and when to carry a bag in blue jean... But that's just me! ;) However I love blue brighton (bit deeper blue) amd even blue roi is very pretty. The new color blue de prusse looks stunning in pictures, though it's much darker than bj. Ciel looks pretty too, but I don't know if you can wear such a pale color during autumn / winter season..
  8. DiamondS - your bleu sapphir birkin is SO FABULOUS!!! :cloud9:
    coleigh - I would consider this blue too (but d/c'd so SO only?):shrugs:

  9. I don't like BJ. Too matronly--no offense to BJ lovers out there.

    Get BdP in epsom.
  10. You know, I think its also important to go for a colour that you love and will use tons. The only reason I say this is because when I first joined the site, BJ was the business, it was one of the most talked about colours available. It could do no wrong, I like the colour alot and some people really really suit it. In 2006-2007 it was BJ, 2007-present it is etoupe, so take a look around and choose a colour for you.
  11. Thanks everyone. I do wear denim most days, and I was thinking that a medium tone blue would fit the bill. I just did not want a medium tone blue to replace my biscuit Birkin. I want to make sure that they both have equal playing time. With a BJ Birkin, that color bag would fill in when my Kelly or Biscuit B would not work.

    Graciella, I like the idea of wearing BJ with beige and brown tones because it would work better than my Kelly or Biscuit B.

    Gotbighair, zrusky7, and sammyjoe, I love the blues that you suggested, but the BJ B is available now.

    Diamonds, I share your idea about BJ, but for some reason this color keeps haunting me.

    Allanrvj, epsom would be my first choice, too. The bag that I'm considering is on Let-trade.com, but it is togo.

    It really helps receiving feedback and responding to all of you. You are awesome! I must make a decision soon. :hugs:
  12. Hopefully you'll find your dream bag and the RIGHT shade of blue FOR YOU. I'm sure that you will! When I have to make up my mind I browse the reference threads and the action threads for hours..... All of tpf members are my sources of inspiration!
  13. I am a sucker for blues. As for BJ, I really love it in clemence. It's so much richer than in epsom or togo and really a totally different color. BdP IMHO, looks INCREDIBLE in clemence and swift, but does nothing for me in togo. Bleu sapphir is really really pretty, but like BJ, looks really different in all the leathers. Here are some pics of my bj clemence w/ gh. It's actually a bit darker than in these pics. I use it year-round for sure. If you want a true neutral, bdp in clemence is amazing. I'm not a fan of bleu brighton except in lizard where it's almost more of a cornflower color.


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  14. Have you looked at Thalassa Blue?
  15. Paon is another beautiful bright blue if Blue Jean isn't the right shade for you. (Thank you for the kind words, Gotbighair.)