I am so ashamed to admit this...

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  1. but I only voted just now for TPF at the Bloggers Choice Award!!! :P I was so shocked to see that we are 68 votes behind the number 1 spot for The Best Shopping Blog! How can this be???

    There are currently almost 400 active members online right now so if everyone who reads this post just goes and votes for The Purse Forum, then we will win in no time! Each person can only have one vote so it is really important that each person registers and votes!

    If Vlad and Megs win, then they get to be recognized in Las Vegas at the PostieCon! Then all of us can go there too and have a big TPF party!!! :tup:

    And you all thought I was going to write something dark and dirty!!! :wlae:

    If you want to vote for Purseblog.com as The Best Shopping Blog, click here: http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/11272

    If you want to vote for Purseblog.com as The Best Blog of All Time, click here: http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/14821
  2. I already voted. I really hope it gets the title!!
  3. BUMP...My vote is in..WHERE IS YOURS!!!???LOL!
  4. Thanks for reminding me, I just voted!
  5. I just voted too! Come on, we're less than 60 behind now!
  6. I voted awhile ago and had DH vote too...I so don't understand why we are not in first place!!!
  7. I think a lot of people don't want to vote because you have to register :smile:
  8. voted!
  9. I voted!!!
  10. Ooh I have voted but great idea :idea: - will get SO to vote as well!
  11. I voted a while ago, but will get DH to vote this morning. He knows so much about TPF, thanks to my constant babble on the subject, so he is practically a member anyway.:yes:
  12. Just voted too..think the blog in No. 1 is about 50 votes ahead...
  13. I voted a few weeks ago. We should be first. Please cast your vote asap.
  14. voting now...

  15. Done! For 3 categories. This has been on my list of "to do" for some time now, thanks for the reminder :tup: