I am so ANNOYED......................

  1. and I am becomoing a little disillusioned with my Bbags and with Balenciaga. :crybaby: The amount of fakes is beginning to make me not want to buy anymore and I HATE Ebay. :P The scammers are now stealing pictures of authentic bags and using those on their 88.00 specials. Ebay can't see this? WTF? I mean come on, if I list 50 items and my pictures have watermarks from 20 different Ebay sellers :cursing: we can't report counterfeit when some of the pictures are of real Bbags.
    I spent 15 minutes reporting them, they're still there. I am over it. At least LV is DOING something. I hope LV wins the lawsuit and then some. Balenciaga needs to join Vero on Ebay.
    The end

  2. i guess balenciaga will start doing that soon, at least i hope so :P
  3. But they're such obvious fakes! Like someone else said, it's those high $$$ ones that kill me. The pitiful bags make me love mine even more..I would never let ebay disillusion me.
  4. I feel your pain!!! what you can do is post the ebay ID numbers in sets of 10 on here and we all can do our part and report the fakes! :supacool:
  5. Not they aren't. They are now using pictures of real ones so how can we report it as a counterfeit bag? I see that they are all still up on ebay. Ebay sucks.:cursing: I spoke with a girl from Ebay and she said that she wasn't into dsinger bags and wouldn't know a real one from a fake one. She said that she would look at that bag and think "nice bag" and buy one. I said to her, "thank you, you just made my point". :yucky:
  6. this is why when it is a stolen picture I don't report them as fake but as fraudulent, and I say the image is stolen and if I remember who was the legitimate owner.
  7. it may be against ebays rules, but when I see this I immediately send a message to the highest bidder and tell her about the fake bags and scamming. 9 out of 10 times they thank me profusely and retract their bid. ebay has gazillions of reports on this bags and all the other fake items being sold, it takes time. I reported 30 auctions yesterday and almost all are gone. We just have to keep reporting it and not give up even if its frustrating as hell. hang in there!
  8. I will email higher bidders too, good idea.
  9. What I mean is that for that price they are so obviously fake.... and I believe that for $88 people KNOW what they're buying. How could they not? I've been somewhat impressed with Ebay's action against these particular sellers and removing their auctions. I wish they could find a way to ban the people who BUY them as well as the diplorable sellers.

    I realize that's a silly statement but it's how I feel!
  10. I have done this as well..... when I see that a buyer has bid to an amount that would indicate they think it's real... now that's what kills me.
  11. Yesterday they removed them almost instantly. Today they are leaving them. The end a few and the seller relisted them immediately, same picture with a new user ID and a new location. :cursing: The girl that I spoke with at Ebay yesterday said that she would just think nice bag and buy it because she wasn't into desinger bags. Duh, didn't she make my point? That unsuspecting, uninformed buyers would purchase them? I am sure there are people that see them in magazines, etc. and have no clue what they sell for.
  12. I do it too. I don't think that is against ebay rules. If I didn't have so much good feedback, I would just BIN on everyone of them and not pay. :lol:

    One thing i want to know is this:

    At least LV is taking action.
  13. Actually, I *think* it's against ebay rules to do this but it's not like they'll kick you off or ruin your feedback or anything. They'll probably give you some sort of warning.... but this would be ONLY if the buyer ratted you out, which is very doubtful if they didn't know they were bidding on a fake. I actually made up a NEW name so I could contact these bidders but ebay won't let zero feedback buyers contact another member. I need to buy something!
  14. Have you all really looked at what is going on? I don't know if this seller has a million Ebay names or if they are using other ebay members names to sell under. The same pictures and auctions are relisted over and over with a different name???:wtf: :confused1: Ebay .............:cursing: Many of the pictures are obviously stolen from other auctions. Some of the pictures appear to be form authentic auctions. Total BS and I do mean BS. I think we pissed that scammer off and he is relisting as fast as Ebay takes them down. :hysteric:
  15. I think all you can do is report them for stealing the photos, not for selling fakes because who knows if they are even selling anything?? I think it will eventually catch up to them but at the same time I seem to agree, if you spend $88 you know its not real.

    As for LV doing something about fakes, ebay is so full of LV fakes it is ridiculous! What is even worse, Vero will pull auctions that are authentic and leave the obvious fakes up there!!

    Yes, be careful emailing bidders. If you email the wrong person you can get a slap of the wrist for auction interference.

    Sometimes its just better not to even look, thats why I spend so much time here.