I am so annoyed...

  1. Well that sucks
  2. Uh-oh! Sorry about that! I was actually at Macy's today and saw that a few of the Tutti bags have missing qees. Only the key ring/chain remains. I thought someone might have stolen them but it might have broken just like yours!

    You can try LeSportsac customer service and ask to see if it is possible to get a replacement.
  3. Thanks for the advice pinkpeony... I'll def try that

  4. At the SF macys, the SA told me she spent the whole afternoon taking off the qees (she takes the qee off, and leaves the ring on there so that the leather doesn't get messed up) .... they give them to you when you buy it bc they get stolen so much... :rolleyes:

    Pixie - I am sorry that happened... at least you didn't lose the adios altogether though....
  5. very true...
  6. That makes sense if the key links isn't broken. The black plastic holder, the one that attaches the head of the qee to the chain is also missing. Looks like the key chain just snapped.

    It's great though that the SA finally came to their senses and remove the qees. The bad news is, I bought a Famiglia Stellina from Macy's and the SA did not give me the qee, which was removed. I had to tell her that they remove the key prior to displaying the bag. I even asked her to look into her drawers and there she'll find that the qees are there. She gave me a dirty look, apparently for telling her how to do her job. Meh! :cursing:
  7. pixie_dust, does Adios' head come off? When you buy Toy2R qees from Qeester or blind box, the keychain part does not come attached. You have to pull the head off, slip on the little necklace part and push the head back on. Maybe you could get a cheap blind box qee off eBay or at a local vinyl toy shop and do a little switcheroo?
  8. >.< oh dear i hope you will be able to a replacement Qee...they are really fragile
  9. I don't know if that would work gingiemay because the adios keychains aren't really qees so I'd be scared to try to take the head off... but who knows, maybe the op can try since its broken anyway.
  10. That is funny... SF macy's has done that since last winter at the least... taking the qees off... I always ask for Jennifer there. She's the LSS rep and knows what's up. She's *super* nice too... it was hilarious when I bought my tuttis she was like, oh, you want me to put the qees back on for you? I'm an *expert* at it now... :p She showed me the swatches for the prints they're getting in, and it looks like they're going to get trasporto, and vacanze... no new solids. I kept hoping they would release more colorful solids, I hated the arancia, and thought they would release some more girly color solids... WHO THE FRIK AT LSS LOVES ORANGE?!!!!! sigh. :cursing:

    anyhoo back to topic... maybe you can rig something up w/the 'qee'... like just tie some fishing wire around and attach it that way? is that too ghetto? haha.... cuz adios looks fine, it's just hte connector part...
  11. r.i.p adios...
  12. me lol :p

    i had a problem with the qee i got on my BV, both the legs would come off i bought it like that, because the SA said they attach back on they did but they didnt stay next time i was at the store i asked the (same) SA about it an she let me exchange the Qee maybe thats a possibility :confused1: maybe not though as its the chin thats broken:crybaby:

    like another poster said just tug a bit on the head an see if it comes off, then the chain could be replace or it can be a cute lil standing ... standing thing =X
  13. Lol, good one! :roflmfao:
  14. one word: superglue.