I am SO annoyed I have to vent...

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  1. Why is it that even though you CLEARLY state that paypal payment MUST have a CONFIRMED shipping addres - no exceptions -- that people do BIN and then use an unconfirmed shipping address???

    I have a bag listed at a VERY reasonable price for BIN or BO. I had two BOs and before I had a chance to get in my email and respond to either (I would have accepted one of them!) someone else does a BIN and pays (immediate payment req'd) with an unconfirmed shipping address!

    So I refund it and tell them they need to have a confirmed address and to please re-send the payment. No reply and still have not heard from them in over 3 days. I relisted the bag with BIN or BO and now have 11 watchers but no one has made an offer yet. I'm so mad! I could have sold it already and put the $ toward my next moment of weakness purchase! :cursing:
  2. I sympathise with you - I've had 2 non-paying buyers this past month and when I relisted the items they didn't go nearly as high as the first time. I don't understand why people

    can't read the terms of the auction - confirmed address, or what countries you don't ship to, I don't even allow those to bid, but they ask and ask

    win and don't pay?!?
  3. If I'm not mistaken, you can click "confirmed addresses only" (or similar wording) when you do your eBay listing. That way when they try to do the immediate payment on BIN, it won't go through if the person has an unconfirmed address.

    You might want to check on that. I'm feeling lazy right now or I'd check it for you. ;)
  4. hey hannah, selling on eBay to buyers who are careless can be really frustrating! being an eBay seller myself, i try my best to just put my standards in bold or at the top a listing, but even still, i'm sure people would still not listen. many buyers have a practice of just looking at the auction, then the pictures, and getting so excited and using the BIN to prevent it from being sold to someone else.
  5. that is true and paypal has that option too ...they cannot make a payment to you unless the address is confirmed
  6. The same thing happened to me on Monday! I have emailed twice and requested he confirm his address so that I can ship but haven't heard a word from him. I'm going to refund him tomorrow but I'm PO'd that he cost me the listing fee and the paypal charge! I changed my paypal so that it will no longer accept payments from unconfirmed adresses.
  7. omg - please can you tell me where this is? I just spent 35 mins looking for it on both ebay and paypal and don't see anything about required confirmed shipping....??

  8. I think if you log on to eBay and go to "My eBay", then "My Account", then "Preferences". Its either "Payments from Buyers" or "Buyers Requirements".

    Hope that helps!!
  9. I've only been on the buying end, but I used to have an unconfirmed address (because the bill when to mom and dad :graucho:) and I had tried to BIN and it wouldn't let me. I'm not one of the stupid buyers who doesn't read the whole listing--it just didn't say anything about confirmed/unconfirmed. So, as a buyer, I'm no help with how to do that, but I'm pretty sure it's possible:yes:
  10. Sorry, guys, I didn't realize that this had already been resolved when I posted:shame:
  11. I'm sorry, I must have lost brain cells. I can't find that option! I went through buyer requirements and also payments from buyers and I don't see anything about requiring a confirmed address... only about having a paypal account and immediate payment required....

    Please help...?
  12. go to paypal account and do it from there
  13. found it! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :yahoo:
  14. Ah ha! I knew there was a way to do it. I thought it was the eBay listing, but yes, the PAYPAL preferences! Doh! :push:
  15. Very helpful, thank you!